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Drivers think fuel duty to rise in Labour’s 1st budget

3rd Jul 24 9:03 am

In the latest FairFuelUK Opinion Poll, it is clear that Labour and the Tories are not trusted to support UK’s drivers.

Over 60% of the 38,772 respondents to FairFuelUK’s online opinion survey say no political party truly backs drivers. Reform UK, at close to 15%, is the party with the most favourable opinion. Labour and the Tory party are neck and neck at around 8% to 9%.

When asked about what life for the motorist will be like under Labour’s super majority lead Government, the response is more than telling.

If you drive for business, work, hospital visits, education, or leisure, be aware that Labour’s net zero lead beliefs will make your lives even more intolerable, costly and less of a pleasure.

63.7% are convinced that fuel duty will rise in Rachel Reeves’s first budget. But that is not all!

Poll respondents believe Sir Keir Starmer’s regime will inflict many more anti-driver policies based on its in-built plans to fleece motorists. Over 70% believe pay-per-mile Big Brother plans are inevitable under an incoming socialist administration, a prediction that has sparked concern and engagement among the respondents.

Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK, said, “The nation’s public is sleepwalking into a Starmergeddon of political uncertainty and economic deceit. In particular, motorists are being hoodwinked into believing the imminent Labour Government has suddenly found a new love for the UK’s 37 million drivers. They most certainly have not.

Why is the mainstream media not talking about the impact of Labour on drivers? It will be seismic

The anticipated overwhelming victory of Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is a harbinger of a slew of policies that will negatively affect the economy and disproportionately burden hard-working low—to middle-income families, the self-employed, and small businesses.

For the past 14 years, I have been at the forefront of the battle to alleviate the cost-of-living crisis. I have successfully thwarted the Treasury’s proposed increases in Fuel Duty. Without the collective efforts of FairFuelUK supporters, we would be paying over 50p per litre more at the pumps. Yes, that’s right. Our grassroots pressure on MPs and Ministers has been instrumental in preventing a crisis in inflation and jobs.

But now, all because the 14-year reign of the Conservative Government is coming to a self-inflicted and ignominious end, the socialist vultures who hate the internal combustion engine are ready to pounce on your freedom to drive.

Fuel taxes will be hiked through policies cuddly dressed up to save the planet. Not my words, but those eagerly imparted to me six weeks or so ago by a seasoned Labour MP.

The Labour Party see motorists as easy tax fodder.  Just look at what their mendacious Mayor of London, now in his third term of egotistical dictatorship, voted in by just 18% of our capital’s electorate, has done to our once proud Capital City.

I have been privy to private emails regarding a litany of draconian anti-driver policies that are ready to go once Labour gets its nose in the trough of first past the post-political power.

From a record number of seats in the House of Commons, awarded to them from less than half the nation voting for them, they will undemocratically inflict on us all dire road restrictions, 20 mph maximum speed carriageways, and abhorrent new pay-per-mile road taxes. Even smug EV drivers will pay to use the roads under a Labour regime.

Rachel Reeves will increase this tax on this going-to-work levy to milk the falling fuel duty revenue in every budget and financial statement.

They have already gleefully announced that they will bring back the 2030 ban on new diesel and petrol car sales. They care nothing about what this move will do to your daily struggle to earn a crust, instructing all of us to move away from our trusted, reliable MOT’d chariots to get into debt buying a less-than-green EV.

​​What is the point of bankrupting the economy? When this virtue signalling 2030 Diesel/ Petrol Ban will cost at least five times the alleged environmental benefits. Rishi Sunak moved the ban to 2035 because our independent economic analysis shows that the baseless scaremongering rewards from the 2030 ban add up to £76 billion. In stark contrast, the evaluated costs add up to £400 billion. Every household will pay £14,700 per year, irrespective of even running an electric vehicle.  It is fiscal insanity!

With the Liberal Democrats and the Greens as the purported opposition, Labour will also launch stricter emissions targets, an explosion of ULEZs across the UK, sophisticated ‘Big Brother’ camera detection, low traffic neighbourhoods, more oversized cycle lanes, biased-based parking charges, 15-minute cities, and higher public transport fares.

Be warned; these are just some of the road transport strangulations ready and waiting to be unleashed on all of us after Labour’s predicted landslide triumph on July 4th. And because there are now so many more urban socialist-led councils, motorists and white van people will be the easiest of pickings. The main reason is that many cities are either bankrupt or starved of funds. Motorists remain the first budgetary stop as the easiest of income generators to bail councils out of their fiscal ineptitude.

Although the last 14 years of Tory governance have been less than successful across several major political issues, at least in that time, they kept fuel duty frozen. But now, if you drive a petrol car and, much more worryingly, a diesel vehicle, Labour will make you pay, and pay big time.

Their blinkered vision of what constitutes saving the planet through prejudiced strategies of more road restrictions, needless emissions control, increased running costs, and higher taxation will become firmly entrenched.

Drivers and businesses must unite through media support to stop the next Government’s foreboding recklessness. Voters must choose the political party that best supports drivers and the logistics industry. Above all, vote for economic common sense because Labour is clueless about managing road user fiscal strategy. They ignore the positive commercial and social benefits for all our lives.”

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