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Digital nomads: The ten remote jobs that pay over £50,000

by LLB Reporter
8th Aug 23 7:35 am

Many employers have changed their ways of working in recent years, with many companies allowing more flexibility for their employees. But which industries have embraced remote working the most, and where can people get the highest pay?

To find out, the hybrid hospitality brand, The Social Hub, has analysed 88 of the most popular careers on Linkedin and ranked them based on the percentage of remote jobs and the average salary.

With remote work looking like it’s here to stay, more people than ever are breaking free from the 9-to-5 office life to become digital nomads. Sadly, not every job can be done remotely – which is why it’s important for aspiring nomads to pick a career that lets them work from anywhere in the world. 

Hybrid hospitality brand The Social Hub has helped narrow the search by creating a list of the top careers for digital nomads in the UK. Careers were ranked based on the percentage of remote jobs currently available for each, and also revealed the highest-paying careers based on average salary information.  

Computer Hardware Engineer is the best career for digital nomads in the UK, with 21.2% of roles advertised as remote

The technology industry offers the best opportunities for digital nomads in the UK. Computer Hardware Engineer ranks as the top career choice with 21.2% of roles currently advertised as remote, followed by Web Developer (18.9%), IT Data Analyst (18.7%) and Systems Administrator (17.6%). 

Four other tech careers also rank among the top 15: Software Tester, IT Engineer, Software Developer and Technical Writer. 

Non-tech jobs on the list include Screenwriter (16.5%), Insurance Broker (16.2%) and Product Marketing Manager (15.7%). 

Data Scientist is the highest-paying remote job, offering an average of £67,500 per year

Paying an average annual salary of £67,500, Data Scientist ranks as the highest-paying remote job for digital nomads. Technical Writer comes in second place (£60,000 per year), followed by Product Marketing Manager, Architect, Actuary, and Product Manager (all paying £57,500 per year on average). 

Careers offering higher salaries like these allow digital nomads more opportunities to thrive financially while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working remotely from anywhere in the world.

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