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Delancey Real Estate’s commitment to ESG

by Sarah Dunsby
10th Jul 23 11:06 am

Delancey Real Estate’s multidisciplinary skillset covers various aspects of planning and development, placemaking and real estate asset management.

Managing funds and estates for different client types, from corporate investors and joint ventures to individual property investments, the company’s investment management team is adept at seeking out value-add opportunities and managing complex multi-tenanted assets.  Its development team has a wealth of experience in negotiating and securing planning consents for properties in high-profile central London locations, including building out major residential and mixed use regeneration schemes.

Recognising the rising significance of environmental, social and economic factors in the property sector, Delancey Real Estate has refined and broadened its estate management methods. It has implemented a robust Environmental Social Governance framework and created an inhouse innovation team to focus on new tech advancements and platforms that could potentially add value across clients’ estates and investments. Delancey Real Estate is focused on proptech, identifying new property and business trends to keep ahead of the field.

ESG investing is becoming increasingly popular with socially and environmentally conscious investors, who weigh up a variety of different factors of a company’s operations before deciding to invest. ESG investors look at various aspects of a company’s policies and operations, for example, examining its actions towards addressing climate change and how it manages relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and communities, as well as contemplating governance aspects, such as the company’s leadership, internal control, audits and executive pay.

Increasingly, investors are putting their money where their values are, with these trends in turn informing the investment decisions of public pension funds and other large institutional investors. An industry report published by the US SIF Foundation suggested that investors held more than $17 trillion in assets chosen following ESG principles in 2020, representing a staggering $12 trillion increase over the course of just two years.

Delancey Real Estate has the mission of creating a positive impact in all of its operations. The company targets embedding ESG initiatives throughout the investment lifecycle, working both alone and in partnership with individual platform businesses and joint venture partners.

Dedicated to delivering excellence via its ESG actions and impacts, Delancey Real Estate operates with a keen focus on ESG considerations in all of its processes and systems. Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence via its ESG actions and impacts, Delancey Real Estate operates with a keen focus on ESG considerations in all its processes and systems. Its Net Zero Carbon commitment supports the carbon emissions goal of achieving net zero by 2050 across all assets under management, aligning with the goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C. More immediately, it is setting appropriate minimum targets for individual investments to support a 50% carbon emissions reduction by 2030 as required by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Delancey Real Estate also undertakes physical climate risk assessments on all assets

In terms of the social element of its ESG strategies, there is an enthusiasm that goes beyond solely maximising financial returns and recognising that real estate is an effective investment vehicle. As a result, Delancey Real Estate is constantly looking for ways to make much needed contributions to the communities where it operates. Community engagement is also a priority, with Delancey Real Estate quantifying and reporting on placemaking and engagement impacts for its major projects. Delancey Real Estate operates with a strong emphasis on employee engagement, providing ESG training to 100% of the company’s workforce and a range of health and wellbeing benefits.

Turning to governance, Delancey Real Estate conducts quarterly risk and internal performance reviews on each asset, in addition to undertaking transparent and regular reporting to its shareholders and board. Throughout the company’s procurement and supply chains, Delancey Real Estate is integrating key performance indicators to both measure performance and influence positive change in all property management and procurement agreements.

Get Living was established by Delancey Real Estate in 2013 in a joint venture with Qatari Diar. Now the UK’s leading build to rent developer, it applies ESG principles to its operations and the construction of its real estate assets. In 2022, Get Living launched a new creative workspace called ‘The Lab E20’. Located in East Village, London, the space was designed for experimental retail and cultural exhibitions, operating with a particular focus on sustainable living and positive fashion. The Lab E20 was designed to appeal to a wide range of local stakeholders, providing a place for innovation right at the heart of East Village to bring together creatives, collaborators, residents and the wider local community. It continues to be proudly supported by Delancey Real Estate.

Delancey Real Estate was also delighted to sponsor Women in Real Estate (WIRE) in May 2022, financing the organisation’s annual event in London and committing to funding the 2023 edition too. Launched in the United States in 2008, WIRE opened its London chapter in 2011, providing a platform for women working in the real estate sector. Today, the London chapter alone has more than 400 members.

Delancey Real Estate became a member of the Academy of Real Estate Assets in 2021 to build on its ESG commitments. The organisation was created to increase diversity, access and intellectual curiosity in schools across the United Kingdom by connecting students with some of the nation’s leading Real Assets and Real Estate firms. The Academy and its members pool their enthusiasm, resources and skills with the goal of achieving a positive social impact on students across the UK, promoting diversity to open up the Real Assets industry to all.

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