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Crossrail chief earns £700,000 – almost 5x David Cameron's salary

by LLB Editor
12th Jun 14 10:35 am

David Cameron’s salary? £142,500

Crossrail chief Andrew Wolstensholme’s salary? £700,000

That’s right. Wolstenholme was paid £700,000 last year which included a £523,000 salary and a £176,000 bonus.

According to figures from Transport for London’s (TfL) annual report, there are a total of 81 TfL and Crossrail executives who earn more than the PM. Also, more than 300 TfL are paid more than £100,000 last year.

Not all the transport workers saw a pay rise last year though. TfL has cut £188m from its costs last year which has led to a freeze on base pay and one-off bonuses.

Transport commissioner Sir Peter Hendy said: “Over the last year, we carried record numbers of passengers across our services in line with [the] burgeoning population and employment growth and further improved reliability to reduce delays to passengers.

“We will continue to work hard at delivering greater value for money for fare and tax payers than ever before.”

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