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Coronavirus lockdown set to be extended

by LLB Reporter
8th Apr 20 1:39 pm

The Welsh government have announced on Wednesday they will be extending the coronavirus lockdown.

Housing minister Julie James said in an update, “I’m telling you today that we are extending it, but the formal announcement of that will be made by the First Minister later in plenary, I expect and then tomorrow in the press conference.

“We are definitely extending the lockdown, it will not be raised next Tuesday.”

She added, “We just wanted to be sure for people over the weekend not to start making plans that the measures will stay in force next week.”

The Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has confirmed that he will be extending the lockdown measures that were due to come up for review next week.

Drakeford said, “We will not throw away the gains we have made and the lives we can save by abandoning our efforts just as they begin to bear fruit.”

The precise nature of what of the lockdown, looks like “will be agreed over the coming days” after consultation with three UK cabinet ministers.

A British government health minister said  on Wednesday, that the coronavirus lockdown will not end any time soon, as “we’re not there yet.”

Health minister Edward Argar told Sky News, “We will be led by the scientific evidence of when is the right moment for the changes to be made.

“At the moment that is not the right moment.”

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the nation that people can only leave their home, to buy essentials, go to work it they cannot work from home and to have one hour of exercise a day.

The Health Secretary said on Sunday speaking to Sky’s Sophy Ridge, he does “not want to have to take away exercise as a reason to leave home.”

Hancock said if people continue to break the law and do not follow the rules, then the government “might have to take further action.”

Hancock said, “We’ve said it’s okay to get some exercise, I don’t want to have to take away exercise as a reason to leave home if too many people are not following the rules.

“Let’s not have a minority spoiling it for everybody.”

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