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Considerations when planning a new office space for your business

by Sarah Dunsby
2nd Nov 23 6:21 pm

Moving into new office space will take meticulous planning to ensure everything goes smoothly and you provide a suitable workplace for your employees. There are many factors to consider, and you will not want to rush the process, which could lead to making decisions you later regret and could also prove costly. You want to ensure that the office you choose for your business is in an excellent location that will help you attract the best employees and with plenty of amenities and services close by. Once you have found the ideal location, you must focus on planning your new office space, and below, you can see some tips to help you get started.

The office floor plan and layout

The first consideration you have when planning your new office space is deciding on the floor plan and layout of your new workplace. You want to ensure that there is plenty of room for your business to thrive and grow, and using the services of a professional company for your office space planning will make it a much easier task. A professional office design company can help you maximise your use of the available space and use the experience and tricks they have learnt to include everything needed in the design. Using a professional service can help prevent you from making costly mistakes with the design of your office, which can be expensive and affect the productivity and well-being of your employees.

Noise control in the office

You will also need to consider controlling noise levels in your office, which is critical for busy work environments such as call centres. When there is too much noise, it can distract employees, making it hard to be productive and affect your overall business. There are various things you can do in an office space to help control noise levels, such as having soft floor surfaces like carpet tiles that will help absorb sound. You can also consider using acoustic ceiling tiles in a suspended ceiling, which will also help control noise levels. Having artwork or posters on the wall of your office can also help absorb sound, and plenty of soft furnishing will also help.

Temperature control in your office space

Another factor you must consider when designing your office space is temperature control, and you will need to ensure you have a suitable HVAC system installed. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and this system will keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. However, to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible, you will also need to have adequate insulation in your office space. Use double glazing for the windows and ensure the walls have sufficient insulation, which can help reduce your energy costs and keep your office at a comfortable temperature. There is also insulative layers you can add to the floor of your office, and you can consider additional insulation in your ceiling, which is where most heat is lost other than windows and doors.

A suitable colour scheme for your office

The colour scheme for your office is another vital factor to consider, which many companies do not pay too much attention to. However, the colour scheme you choose for your workplace can significantly affect the productivity and well-being of your employees, so it is something you need to take seriously. The best colours for your workplace will depend on the type of work your business does, as different colours are suitable for different tasks. You can see below how different colours can affect us in the workplace to help you select a suitable colour scheme for your office space:

  • Red – Promotes efficiency, urgency, and energy within the workplace.
  • Blue – Can boost productivity, confidence, and helps employees to focus.
  • Yellow – Can make employees more optimistic and is suitable for creative environments.
  • Green – Green can have a calming affect on people and is a peaceful colour that helps employees stay alert.
  • Orange – Orange is a friendly colour that makes people cheerful and can promote the success of your business.

For more information on the affects of colour in the workplace and tips on how to implement it, you can click here.

Furnishing your office space

The furnishings you choose for your office space can also significantly affect your employees’ productivity and well-being. The best option is to choose ergonomic furniture for your office space, which is comfortable and can help prevent strains and injuries. It will not be the cheapest option, but it can help prevent employees from getting injured and reduce absenteeism and is worth the investment for the boost in productivity it will give. Ergonomic furniture is often higher quality than other options, and ensure you select furniture with a suitable warranty.

Following the tips above, you can help create the ideal workspace for your employees that will prove productive and comfortable and help your business succeed.

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