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Commuter panic as Tube carriage fills with smoke

23rd Sep 14 12:16 pm

A Piccadilly Line Tube carriage was filled with smoke this morning causing commuters to panic.

At 8.30am, passengers on a Tube carriage between Turnpike Lane and Manor House were “choking and screaming”.

According to the Standard, one commuter had a panic attack after being stuck in a smoke-filled carriage for six to seven minutes.

Charlie Teather told the paper: “It was really terrifying. At first I thought I heard a bang then the train suddenly stopped.

“Smoke was coming into the carriage and a woman next to me was struggling to breathe and had a panic attack. Nobody knew what was going on, then after four or five minutes the train moved and pulled into the station.

“Everyone started hanging out of the doors trying to get some air and then an announcement told us all to get off and evacuate the station.

“They stopped the escalators so everyone could run upstairs. It was a relief to get outside and then we were told the station was closing and we all had to walk to Finsbury Park.”

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