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Commercial pest control can’t cut corners

by Sarah Dunsby
22nd Apr 24 5:03 pm

On a basic level, businesses want their facilities to be pest-free for obvious reasons. Pests are gross, and they’re the last things customers and clients want to see. However, the failure to keep pests out can also result in lawsuits, fines, and terrible PR.

The leading commercial pest control specialists offer extensive services that give businesses airtight protection. Please read on to learn more about their approach.

Custom chemicals and approach

There’s no single pest control spray that gets rid of every extermination, and no two pest control jobs are exactly alike. That’s why custom pest control solutions for businesses are essential.

The leading pest control specialists are licensed structural exterminators who make their own blends depending on the specific type of pest they’re eliminating. They know what ingredients work effectively for each pest, and they target them specifically, for example roaches florida love humid climates, pest pest control is a good way to prevent infestation.

They also won’t take a cookie-cutter approach to pest control. Whether it’s a store, restaurant, or warehouse facility, each building has unique needs to address. A personalized approach is essential.

Documentation and paperwork

Even if a business had no pests, sometimes, they need to prove that they’ve undertaken pest control, or they could face fines and legal consequences. Leading pest control services provide a full suite of documentation when they’ve done the job, such as a logbook, device map, licenses, certificates, safety sheets, and more.

You will have the work done that ensures no pests are present and all the supporting paperwork.

Ready for all third-party compliance and audits

Businesses in food processing and other sectors need to prove they comply with internal auditing processes and third-party requirements. The best IPM specialists have the experience and training to ensure companies can pass any third-party audit or compliance check.

Groups whose audits they help you pass include the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canadian Organic Standards, BRC, FSSC, Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, and more.

Electronic reporting

The leading pest control companies give clients 24/7 access to services via mobile access to a secure electronic portal. They can always see their history and trend reports without waiting for normal business hours.

Pest control remains primarily a physical phenomenon as technicians eliminate the infestation, but there’s a modern digital component, too.

Dedicated account managers

Any business that wants to stay in operation needs to keep its facilities pest-free, so your pest control specialists should have a close relationship. You want to avoid companies that treat you like a number.

A designated team should know your name and history when you call. You shouldn’t have to brief a stranger on your case history and waste time catching them up on what’s gone on between you.

Businesses are trying to one-up each other to get their customer’s attention and approval, and there’s no faster way to lose them than to have a pest on the premises. The need for leading pest control runs deeper than that, with legal requirements and lawsuits in play. That’s why it’s essential to find a pest control company that gives all the above protection, not one that cuts corners.

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