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Chinese gaming firm NetEase is looking to break into the global market

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26th Aug 21 10:23 am

As the gaming market continues to grow and diversify, another giant Chinese company has decided to offer one of its titles to global gamers. So, what is the latest news on the NetEase plans to expand around the planet and how does it fit into the current diversification we are seeing in gaming?

The release of Naraka: Bladepoint

The game in question is called Naraka: Bladepoint. It is a game in the battle royale genre where up to 60 players compete against one another. One of the interesting things about this title is that it combines a type of gameplay that Western players are used to with a glimpse at traditional Chinese culture. While the setting might look exotic for many players, if they have played games like Fortnite then they should have few problems in picking up the gameplay.

NetEase will be looking to join Chinese gaming giants like Tencent, who reported a 29% boost in profits during the second quarter of 2021 despite the government’s crackdown on the technology sector. Hu Zhipeng is the vice president of NetEase, and he commented that they are looking for half of their gaming revenue to eventually come from foreign markets, compared to the present total of just 10%.

Other areas that NetEase is looking to move into include consoles and cloud gaming. One of their main strategies going forward is going to be the use of highly-visible brands such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, with games on both of these franchises already being developed. The company is looking for partners overseas to help them in their global expansion plans.

What does this mean for the diversification of the gaming market?

This appears to be more good news for the booming gaming market, as the appearance of a Chinese developer producing games with an Eastern feel and Western-style gameplay could mean a lot of interesting new releases in the future. According to Kotaku, some of the best video games of 2021 include Hitman 3, Returnal, and Scarlet Nexus, which reveals an excellent range of themes and gameplay that reflect the different types of gamers around now.

We can see the expansion of the world of gaming reflected in the current popularity of slots with a wide variety of themes. For instance, the Buzz Bingo slot game collection shows us themes from around the world. Their range covers titles from Magic of the Nile to Arthur and the Round Table, and from Jungle Falls to Book of Vikings. This broad selection of games means that most players should find something that interests them, opening up more opportunities for diversity by appealing to different groups.

Mobile games have also added to the growing diversity, with many new games being added to Google Play Store and the App Store each year. The PCMag list of some of the top games for Android users in 2021 runs from Among Us to Arena of Valor and Stardew Valley, among others. As technology improves, we should continue to see more new games added with interesting features that are designed to catch the eyes of different types of players.

The move by NetEase to enter the global market may be coming at the perfect time, as the market diversifies across the planet. The success of Naraka: Bladepoint should tell us a lot about what the future holds in store for both the industry and the players.

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