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Check out these Valentine's Day facts…

14th Feb 17 1:32 pm

Do you know any of these?

It is estimated that over 1 billion cards worldwide are given each year on Valentine’s day. An estimated 25m cards are given in the UK alone. This is the second largest seasonal time of the year to send and receive cards globally, after Christmas. In the UK an estimated £1.4b is spent on flowers, chocolate, cards and many more gifts. It is thought that only half the population will spend their money on this day.  

In 2013 there was a study conducted of London’s famous iconic black cabbies in which it emerged that:  

  • 53 per cent of London taxi drivers are asked for relationship advice by their passengers at least once or twice per month  
  • Four per cent of black cabbies have witnessed a Valentine’s Day proposal in the back of their cab  
  • 46 per cent of drivers have observed an affair being conducted in the back of their cab  
  • 45 per cent of Halo taxi drivers in London say they have seen Valentine’s Day arguments taking place in the back of their car  
  • 10 per cent of London black cab drivers have seen a back seat break up on Valentine’s Day  


Source: ©Photoshot

Valentines Day around the world… 

Valentine’s day was first introduced to Japan only in 1936. It is tradition that Japanese women give chocolate and other gifts on this day. Men are expected to do the same on March 14, also known as White Day.  

Iran banned Valentine’s Day in 2011 and all gifting as part of an Islamic republic backlash against the spread of Western culture.  

India and Pakistan religious activists protest this day as a day of lust and shame.  

Across Europe, St. Valentine keys are given to lovers “as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart.”  

The Ivory coast is the world’s largest producer of cocoa to provide us with chocolate.  

In Brazil Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12 as Valentine’s falls on or around the carnival.  

Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone applied for his patent in the US on this day in 1876.  

Welsh tradition says that a child born on this day will have many lovers. A calf born on this day will be no good for breeding, if hens hatch eggs on this day then they will all turn out rotten.  

It is thought that over 50m roses will be given today. 

The Italian city of Verona receives approximately one thousand letters that have been addressed to Juliet. This is where Romeo and Juliet, the young lovers in Shakespeare`s play, lived.  

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