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Certain driverless cars may not be safe, peers warn

15th Mar 17 9:28 am

What did they have to say?

Peers have warned that certain driverless cars may not be safe.

They said those relying too heavily on the tech may find it harder to take back control in an emergency situation.

Despite this though, the Lords Science Committee also noted that some technology could help reduce accidents often made by human error.

The Department for Transport said driverless cars “have the potential to transform the way we travel.”

Professor Neville Stanton of the University of Southampton told the committee: “As vehicles become fully autonomous, even the most observant human driver’s attention will begin to wane.”

“Their mind will wander… This is particularly true if they are engaging in other activities such as reading, answering emails, engaged in conversations with passengers, watching movies or surfing the internet.”

Research suggests that drivers with automated vehicles tend to respond slower to emergencies compared to those driving manual cars.

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