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Can you get a free boiler?

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9th Dec 21 5:32 pm

Thanks to the ECO scheme backed by the UK government, you could be eligible for a free or subsidised boiler, provided by one of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies. Under the current terms of the scheme, to qualify for free boiler grants, individuals must be a homeowner, have a boiler that is over seven years old, and be receiving an income-related benefit from the government. Boilers that are less than seven years old are excluded as the scheme assumes that it will be more cost effective to have your boiler repaired than replaced.

Is your current boiler costing you more money than it should to run?

Research has shown that boilers that are over seven years old can sometimes work at less than 65% of their full efficiency. This means that a substantial 35p or thereabouts of every pound you spend on heating could be being wasted due to an ineffective boiler. By contrast, a new A-rated boiler through the scheme would be predicted to run at no lower than 90% efficiency, so you could end up only losing around 10p per pound spent on heating at most.

As well as the financial benefits to your yearly heating bills, when you apply for a new boiler through the scheme, you will also find there are a lot of environmental benefits too. Using a new more efficient boiler will mean there is less energy needed to heat a home and therefore less carbon emissions are generated. Each household’s overall carbon footprint will be reduced and help with the government’s overarching goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions and helping to fight climate change.

Even if you don’t qualify for a free boiler grant, it is still worth applying as you could receive a subsidised boiler. This means that you might be able to get a significant discount on your new boiler and you will still save money on your heating bills, so it is beneficial in the long term.

What benefits do you need to be receiving to qualify for a free boiler grant?

You or a member of your household needs to be in receipt of one of the following benefits to be eligible for a grant.

  •       Child tax credit
  •       Income related employment support allowance
  •       Income based job seekers allowance
  •       Income support
  •       Pension guaranteed credit
  •       Working tax credit
  •       Universal credit
  •       Disability living allowance
  •       Personal independence payment
  •       Attendance allowance
  •       Carer’s allowance
  •       Severe disablement allowance
  •       Industrial injuries disablement benefits
  •       Ministry of justice benefits
  •       War pensions mobility supplement
  •       Constant attendance allowance
  •       Armed forces independence payment
  •       Child benefit

How long does installation of your new boiler take?

It is understandable that you will want to know exactly how long it will take for your new boiler to be fully functional in your home, especially if your current boiler is not working properly. Specific times can vary depending on the availability of staff and equipment in your area at any given time, but typically, it should not take longer than 2-3 months from the time you submit your application to your completed installation.

Will your new boiler be supplied with a warranty?

If you get a new boiler through the ECO scheme, your installation will be covered by the same warranty you would get with your boiler from that specific manufacturer. The length of the warranty can vary between brands and boiler models but normally they will range from between 2 and 7 years. Also, all aftercare for your boiler will be provided as part of the overall service to you.

What type of boiler can you get fitted?

Through the ECO scheme, you can get a brand-new A-rated energy efficient combi or system boiler installed that will have an efficiency which typically exceeds 90%. At Free Boiler Grant Scheme, we offer a variety of boilers including Baxi, Worcester, Bosch, Vokera, and Ideal.

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