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Brits prepare to save more as Coronavirus outbreak affects jobs and businesses

by LLB Editor
27th Apr 20 9:16 am

Almost two thirds of Britons have been spending less money overall due to the Coronavirus outbreak, with over half either already or considering saving more money. But over a third are considering or have already accessed money from savings.

There has been a small increase in the number of people who have already lent or given money to a friend or family member since 27-30th March when Ipsos MORI last asked this question. This increase comes despite the fact that 75% of people are not even considering borrowing money from family and friends.

There has been a stark change in the way workplaces operate during the Coronavirus crisis. Only 11% of Brits in work say that their workplace remains unchanged suggesting that the overwhelming proportion of working Britons have experienced a change to their workplace as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Around one in five people in work say they are being furloughed whilst 17% have seen a reduction in take home pay and 3 in 10 Brits in work (29%) say that their workplaces have closed in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Kelly Beaver, MD Public Affairs at Ipsos MORI said:“There have been significant changes to workplaces over the last month. We have seen a fifth of Britons in work placed on furlough and an increase from last month in those who are working less hours or earning less. While this will combine to have a potentially significant impact on household incomes over this difficult time, we’re also seeing a significant proportion of people telling us that they’re spending less and saving more.”

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