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Britain's kindest cities revealed – how generous is London?

by LLB Editor
24th Mar 16 11:24 am

And the kindest city in Britain is…

Londoners you’re not very generous, a new survey by researchers at The Co-op Food has found.

The research, which asked 4,000 adults in 19 UK cities questions about community-minded they are, found Bristol to be the kindest city in Britain.

London came in last place on the list with Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham and Leeds in bottom spots too.

The study looked at good deeds including helping someone who’s lost, giving up a seat on public transport for somebody less able to stand, and chasing after somebody who has dropped something in street to return it.

The research showed that 26% had been left to dust themselves off without help or a kind word after falling in public. Furthermore, 27% said they had struggled to find help from fellow commuters after breaking down in their car.

Amanda Jennings, director of marketing at The Co-op, said:  “Showing kindness isn’t always about the big gestures but can be about the small everyday deeds that people do – from offering your seat on the bus to helping a neighbour by accepting their post or putting their bins out.”

The kindest cities in Britain:

  1. Bristol
  2. Belfast
  3. Aberdeen
  4. Southampton
  5. Cardiff
  6. Bradford
  7. Oxford
  8. Manchester
  9. Coventry
  10. Norwich
  11. Sheffield
  12. Nottingham
  13. York
  14. Edinburgh
  15. Leeds
  16. Birmingham
  17. Liverpool
  18. Glasgow
  19. London

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