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Brace yourself for the increase in local business profile pages on Instagram

by John Auckland, TribeFirst
23rd Apr 19 10:42 am

Local Business Profile Pages is one of the latest additions to the in-app feature of Instagram. These are almost similar to what Google’s Local Knowledge Panels do. However, they are not the same. But before you start looking for your Instagram local business profile page, you should know that it is not official yet. Twitter hasn’t confirmed the news, but there are rumors that this feature will shortly become available to business pages on Instagram. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself for the sudden boom that Instagram may bring for local business profile pages.

How does a local business profile page look like?

Before you learn how to use the business profile pages on Instagram, it is essential to know how these pages look like. The readily available information you see on the profile page includes the name of the business, its address, the category of business it belongs to, business hours, the price range of the products and services available at that store, the official website if any of the business, and the contact number. You also see the profile photo of the business on the home page.

How to link business profile pages?

Upon digging further, you may notice that the most important posts or the recent posts of the business profile page only contain images and not videos. Since most content creators now focus on videos to promote a business, this restriction may seem like a challenge to many. However, there is a cure to this problem too. The business profile you visit will have a “Claim” button on the top-right corner. It means the business can claim their business profile page provided they have access to their Facebook page.

All the information is automatically fetched from your Facebook business profile page. Now that both the pages are linked, your recent video posts may appear on your Instagram business profile too. This presents an exciting opportunity to grow your target audience. As you try to increase your number of followers, also consider buying real Instagram video views from Famoid, which is a reliable platform to buy these views. This allows your videos to be seen by the right audience.

Instagram’s scrutiny policy

There is ambiguity among business owners about the option to pin three images on the local business page. It is still unclear if the three slots belong to any picture that the business owner wants to upload, or they automatically fill according to the last three posts of the user. If it is the second option, you may need to rethink what you post on your business Instagram page.

A couple of beautiful photos of your store may be relative, but once you post something out of the box, it may not fit the imagery of the business, and potential audiences may not understand why your business page posted that image anyway.

So, once the local business profile page on Instagram is officially underway, business owners may have to rework their post strategies to ensure their audience doesn’t misunderstand your posts on the page.

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