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Boosting productivity at work with the right layout

by Sarah Dunsby
24th Aug 22 11:13 am

There are a lot of things that determine how productive your business runs. However, did you know it all starts with the layout of your workspace?

The way you style your working environment can make a huge difference to how productive you and your employees are. A good layout will boost productivity, while a poor layout will hamper it.

So, what makes an ideal working environment and how can you transform it to boost productivity?

What does an ideal office space look like?

The ideal office space prioritises comfort, efficiency, and positivity. It is convenient for your employees to use, and it should align with your company values and work mode.

If your workers need to collaborate often, an open space office would work best. If they need privacy on the other hand, private workstations should be provided. Sound should also be kept to a minimum, helping to reduce any distractions.

The type of layout you should utilise will depend upon the individual needs of the business. Once you have the perfect layout, it’s time to transform it into a productivity boosting workspace.

Choose your flooring wisely

There are plenty of affordable flooring options out there. Companies such as Stories Flooring sell commercial grade floors at low, affordable prices. Plus, a good quality floor will potentially last for decades before it needs to be replaced.

Did you know the flooring you have installed could be jeopardising productivity? How the floor looks has a massive impact on the overall feel of the space. A Herringbone patterned floor for example, will add elegance and luxury into the room.

It isn’t just the aesthetics that can make a difference to how productive your workers are. The right flooring can help to minimise noise, and therefore distractions. This helps employees to get more done during their working day, making them less likely to procrastinate. Constant noise can also add to worker stress which has a direct impact on productivity.

Set the mood with the right lighting

Your employees will find it difficult to stay productive if they are working in poor light conditions. Artificial light is known to cause health issues, especially if you are using older fluorescent bulbs. It can lead to headaches, nausea, and fatigue, causing workers to take more sick days.

The right lighting can boost productivity, as well as protect your staff’s health. Change any fluorescent light bulbs installed in the business, replacing them with LED alternatives. You should also make sure there is plenty of natural lighting getting into the office.

Keep noise to a minimum

It’s impossible to concentrate and stay productive in a noisy environment. If noise is a concern in your office space, there are ways you can reduce it.

As mentioned above, the flooring you install can impact the amount of noise in a work environment. However, if you have an open environment you may want to consider closing it up for the biggest sound reduction. Using private cubicles for workers for example, can help to minimise noise and distraction.

Adding artwork to walls and upgrading to triple glazed windows will also see a reduction in sound. If some employees need to collaborate, try and create a separate collaboration area so they aren’t distracting other members of the team.

Utilise the power of scent

Fragrances have been proven to influence the mood. They have the power to instantly change how you feel, whether that is energised, positive, or even depressed. Did you know that certain fragrances have the power to boost productivity?

If you want your staff to become more productive, try adding these powerful scents into the workplace:

  • Citrus
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Jasmine
  • Cinnamon

Some of these scents energise the mind, causing staff to feel more awake and focused. Others help to relax and soothe, eliminating workplace stress. Try out different scents to see which ones produce the best results.

Improve air quality

The air quality in your office can have an indirect impact on your bottom line. When the quality of air is poor, it can cause a variety of health issues. In some cases, long-term exposure to poor air quality can decrease life expectancy.

Adding the right plants into the space will help to purify the air. You can also consider adding a humidifier or dehumidifier depending upon the conditions of the office. Keep windows open, even just a little, to let fresh air circulate throughout the room.

You should also make sure air vents are left unobstructed and installed if there isn’t enough fresh air getting into the room.

Pay a little more for comfortable furniture

When carrying out a revamp of your office space, it’s common to want to save as much money as possible. However, there are some things, like comfortable furniture, that are worth splashing out on.

Make sure your employees have ergonomic furniture and their setup isn’t straining their eyes. Ergonomic furniture prevents back pain, while making it more comfortable to sit at a desk for long periods. You could also consider investing in standing desks. These have shown to provide great health benefits.

Provide refreshments

To keep the mind focused and energised, your employees are going to need to keep themselves well hydrated. They are also going to need healthy, nutritious snacks. Providing refreshments in the workplace can be seen as a perk, helping to keep your staff happier. Nobody is as productive as they could be when they are hangry!

Overall, by making changes in your office layout, it can do wonders for employee productivity. The above are some of the most effective ways to design your office space to harness a more productive workforce.

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