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Bitcoin, Blackrock and the future of crypto

14th Feb 24 8:04 am

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is weathering a storm in the form of a mass exodus. The Tui Group is the latest in a series of businesses reassessing their public position in the UK equity market.

On Tuesday, Tui Group shareholders will be voting on the company’s proposal to delist from the LSE. The move would ensure a sole public listing in Germany, which would deliver significant advantages according to Tui Group, ranging from the simplification of structures to enhanced liquidity.

As Europe’s biggest travel operator, the exit of Tui would be another blow to the LSE, which is struggling now to attract new listings and promote market confidence towards the future of the stock exchange.

There are multiple factors at play here, including the impact that Brexit has had. In one respect, retreating from the LSE to form a concentrated equity position in Frankfurt does make sense. However, it could also provoke European companies in similar positions to pursue an exit strategy.

Such events do need to be put into context. Projections from late last year anticipate the LSE posting annual growth of between 7% and 8% between 2023 and 2026. However, real challenges do persist.

It has lost over 30 companies in the last two months and is struggling to present an equity environment that can compete against the NYSE. Add to the situation a lack of IPOs and an upcoming political election, and suddenly it looks as though a few more big delistings and snubs could be on the horizon.

This is not just an issue for the LSE but the UK Government as well. The upcoming Spring Budget offers a platform to implement needed reforms and make the case as to why London, and the wider UK, remains a global powerhouse for business, innovation, and investment.

Looking beyond the headlines that dominate, there are significant opportunities across established and emerging sectors that can be effectively leveraged to meet these aims.

Having a bigger vision and strategy in place will work to the advantage of the LSE, allowing them to overcome future delistings and attract a new wave of IPOs that get people excited once again about the future of the exchange.

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