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Betting legislation in the US

by John Saunders
15th Sep 21 5:03 pm

People in the United States of America have been betting on sports for a long time. Some go big at the local casino, and some just put in a few dollars with the guys at the office when Super Bowl Sunday comes around. The tradition of sports betting has become almost as storied as that of the actual sports themselves. However, that doesn’t mean it’s legal everywhere.

An ongoing topic of discussion with sports betting is the rise of online betting sites. Many US states allow their people to bet on sports and play online casinos. Some are in discussion, with legislation on the table or in the progress of passing. Others still have it as illegal to gamble or place bets online. You might be surprised to find that even states with prominent casinos might not allow for online gambling.

Still, online betting is a force that cannot be stopped. Its rising popularity is due to the way it changes the game. Online casinos often offer lower buy-ins and more convenient play options. Online sports betting apps let you go for bigger pay-outs and take part in more epic fantasy leagues. You can also get special promo offers that you can leverage to win big.

Convenience and safety

 One aspect that should change lawmakers’ minds is the relative safety of online casinos and betting sites. After the last year of living in lockdown, people are eager to go out and have fun again. But going to packed public venues with tons of strangers is still a worrying prospect. As is touching machines and cards that other people had their hands on moments before. Sports betting carries its own dangers like shady brokers. Online gambling and betting, when done through legal channels, carries none of these risks.

Playing from an online casino is the safest way to play. You also never have to wait for an open machine or table. Not just that, but you can often find different types of slots or card games that your local casino might not carry. All of this from the comfort of home and at whatever time you wish.

Betting through an online site or app is the best way to experience sports betting. You have access to bigger payouts and different odds than your office pool, and can even get bonus cash for playing certain games or signing up through certain services. Again, all of this can be done at home, on the bus to work, or whenever and wherever you want.

The dynamic of online betting completely changes the game and helps to bring in new players with the promise of safe play on their time. Markets that use it have seen success even during the difficult year of 2020, and success for casinos means profit for the state. This should encourage states to legalize online betting at a faster rate.

Exciting new markets

A great example of the rise in online betting is Arizona, which just legalised online gambling this year. This is the first sports season with the law in effect, and it’s already brought in a lot of money.

A lot of this had to do with the excitement of a new football season, but an even greater amount had to do with the convenience offered by online betting. Bets can be placed at the touch of a screen using apps from trustworthy names like DraftKings and Fanduel. These platforms drew new Arizona players in by offering generous welcome incentives. These are likely people who have been betting on sports already, but are now doing so on a bigger stage and at greater convenience. They are better serviced by the technology, and Arizona as a state profits. It’s a win-win!


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