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Apple raises computer prices in the UK

31st Oct 16 10:16 am

You could be paying more for you next piece of Apple tech…

Apple has raised the prices of both their laptop and desktop computers by hundreds in the UK.

The tech giant unveiled the new MacBook Pro laptops last week with similar prices to the US after currency conversion and addition of UK VAT.

They also re-priced their old MacBook models by hundreds of pounds, including those that are three-years-old.

These prices are expected to rise further.

Patrick O’Brien, analyst at the Verdict Retail consultancy told the BBC: “Apple has to recalibrate prices after significant currency fluctuations, and since the EU referendum, UK prices are out of sync with the dollar,”

“Apple has taken the hit up until now. While price increases won’t look good to the consumer, it’s difficult to blame Apple.

“Once you strip out UK sales tax (VAT) and the currency conversion, the new UK prices could still be viewed as fair.”

Since the value of the pound has lowered for the country many technology companies have had to up the prices of their products.

The cheaper Apple laptop, the 13 inch MacBook Air which was last updated back in March 2015 was originally £849 it has now gone up to £949.

Apples variant of the desktop computer, the Mac Pro which was last updated in December 2015 was originally £2,449 and had since gone up to a massive £2,999.

Earlier in October the company stated that it’s prices would go up by 22 per cent in 2017 due to weakened value of the pound.

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