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An ‘assassination plot on Zelensky’ foiled that would have been a ‘gift to Putin before the inauguration’

7th May 24 3:30 pm

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) have detained a network of Russian spies who were planning to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The SBU exposed a network of agents from the 5th FSB service of the Russian Federation and detained two colonels.

The SBU said on Tuesday, “Counterintelligence and SBU investigators disrupted the FSB’s plans to eliminate the President of Ukraine and other representatives of the highest military and political leadership of the state.”

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The Russian agent network were to implement plans to “eliminate” President Zelensky which was foiled by the SBU.

Vasyl Malyuk, the head of the SBU said the assassination plot was designed to be a “gift to Putin before the inauguration” which took place on Tuesday in Moscow.

The SBU wrote on Telegram, “The network, whose activities were supervised by the FSB from Moscow, included two colonels of the State Security Department who ‘leaked’ classified information of the Russian Federation.”

On Tuesday Vladimir Putin was sworn in at the Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow to take his fifth term and he thanked Russians for their support with the war in Ukraine.

Putin said, “I would like to thank the participants of the special military operation, I would like to thank everyone who is fighting for our motherland.

“The destiny of Russia will be determined by ourselves only.

I see the deep understanding of our historic role to defend our choice, to defend our freedom, and to defend the national interests of Russia.

“We will go through this difficult time and will be successful.”

He then pledged to that he “will do everything possible, everything within my abilities to justify your trust.

“We are a single and great nation and together we will overcome all obstacles and implement and realise everything that we dream of.

“Together we will win.”

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