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Amazon drivers ‘work illegal hours’ and are often underpaid

11th Nov 16 9:56 am

Are Amazon in trouble?

It’s been found that Amazon drivers often work “illegal” hours and receive less than minimum wage.

Drivers contracted by the online service told an undercover reporter that they must deliver up to 200 parcels a day.

Many said they had to break the speed limits on roads to get their work done on time, others said they didn’t even have the time for toilet breaks.

Amazon said their commited to its drivers and ensure that they drive safely and legally, and are “fairly compensated”.

A BBC reporter went undercover and obtained a job with AHC services, this is one of the many agencies which supplies’ drivers to the firm’s delivery wing, Amazon Logistics.

Several drivers spoke of the underpaid work, saying they were paid the equivalent hourly rate under the National Living Wage which is £7.20. This was mainly due to drivers working long hours to deliver all the parcels they had been assigned.

Amazon Logistics require all drivers to be self-employed so are not entitled to the minimum wage or employee rights such as sick pay and holiday pay.

Tonia Novitz, professor of labour law at Bristol University, told the BBC: “From the evidence I’ve seen, which suggests (the undercover reporter) would be regarded as a worker or agency worker, he should be getting the national minimum wage,”

Amazon said in a statement: “As independent contractors of our delivery providers, drivers deliver at their own pace, take breaks at their discretion, and are able to choose the suggestion route or develop their own.”

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