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Abdul Hassan who was facing deportation wins court case to stay in the UK

8th Jun 17 11:04 am

Here’s why

Abdul Hassan was due to start a 6-year chartered accountancy course with top accountancy firm KPMG has won his right to remain in the UK, Thursday.

Hassan’s application for leave to remain was turned down by the Home Office last year saying that his mother who lives in Bangladesh is now capable of looking after him.

Speaking outside the court house to our reporter, we asked Hassan how is he feeling at hearing the news: “The judge will make a decision in a week or two however, the judge did say the hearing has been successful.”

“It hasn’t really sunk it but I am very happy and I do not have to attend court again and it is now about waiting for the paperwork to come through.”

“The paperwork will take a couple of months and I can now start my KPMG 6-year chartered accountancy course in September.”

“I would like to Thank you to all of my friends and supporters for all their valued support”

“Speaking with Lucas who is one of Hassan’s best friend’s he said: “We have worked so hard in promoting the petition across social media so that he can remain in the UK, I couldn’t be happier.”

Speaking with Hassan before the court case he said to LondonLovesBusinesss: “I am feeling very nervous, but good as I have an excellent legal team and I have been supported by all my friends and family.”


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