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A million flee Ukraine as the International Criminal Court are investigating war crimes into Russia ‘immediately’

by LLB staff reporter
3rd Mar 22 12:23 pm

More than 1 million Ukrainian refugees have now fled their war torn country and on Wednesday evening the International Criminal Court (ICC) “immediately” started an investigation into war crimes possibly committed by Russia.

The ICC received formal requests from 39 countries across the world to investigate war crimes as a “collection of evidence” has been handed over.

Prosecutor Karim Khan said, “I have notified the ICC Presidency a few moments ago of my decision to immediately proceed with active investigations.

“Our work in the collection of evidence has now commenced.

“In its preliminary examination of the Situation in Ukraine, my Office had already found a reasonable basis to believe crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court had been committed, and had identified potential cases that would be admissible.”

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Fears are mounting that Putin will allow widespread use of the deadly “vacuum” or thermobaric bombs capable of vaporising human bodies which have already been used in parts of Ukraine.

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned on Thursday, “We’ve seen the deployment of thermobaric artillery weapon systems. And we worry how broad those could go.”

Speaking at a press conference in Estonia, Wallace added, “The message to Putin is: Stop. It isn’t too late to stop what you are doing.

“What you have done so far is illegal and you risk being isolated for decades to come.”

More than 1 million people have now fled Ukraine after a week of war, which is the swiftest exodus of refugees thi century which makes up for 2% of the country’s entire population.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said, “Hour by hour, minute by minute, more people are fleeing the terrifying reality of violence. Countless have been displaced inside the country.

“And unless there is an immediate end to the conflict, millions more are likely to be forced to flee Ukraine.”

The International Criminal Court

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