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87 per cent of organisations believe OEMs will help their business

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
9th Apr 19 12:27 pm

According to a new study commissioned by Dell EMC, 87% of organisations agree that working with OEMs will help them prepare for an innovation-ready future and the next era of human-machine partnerships, while after working with OEMs, and over a third (37%) stating their business had gained a competitive advantage and improved their customer experience.

The publishing of the report, ‘OEM Partnerships In The Digital Economy’, is in conjunction with Intel, with the research conducted by Futurum. It highlights that 88% felt OEM partnerships have helped them overcome obstacles to innovation, while 93% reported an acceleration in product and services innovation, and 34% have taken new ideas to market over 30% faster. In addition, 31% have said they are reliant upon OEMs for deployment for AI, while up to one in five look towards OEMs for support when adopting multi-cloud, IoT and blockchain technologies.

Dermot O’Connell, Dell’s VP and GM, OEM and IoT Solutions, EMEA said, “By now, most businesses are aware of the need to digitally transform, but many hesitate in fear of unsuccessful deployment and disapproval from stakeholders. Yet, it’s through industry collaboration that organisations can negate these risks.

To maintain future competitivity, businesses must look towards adopting an appropriate strategy towards emerging technology. By 2030, AI, IoT, AR/VR and multi-cloud technologies will be fundamental ingredients of a successful business. OEM partnerships can provide the expert guidance and agility to ensure smooth integration.”

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