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7 steps that you can follow to become an academic blogger

by Sarah Dunsby
15th Aug 17 12:43 pm

“With the increasing popularity of blogging, more and more sites dedicated to blogging is surfacing on the internet. Blogging is now a viable form of income thanks to the demand for writing and coverage by brands in every industry,” says Igor Kholkin, CEO of Avidon Marketing Group. It is very important to write good content, irrespective of the type of blogging to decide to take up. One of the most common types of blogging these days are the academic blogs. You will notice a lot of bloggers are specialising on this particular thing as there is a wide segment of readers. But due to this growing popularity, it is becoming difficult to create a place for yourself in such competition. Recommended SEO Blogs.

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There are many experts like our expert team of essay writer, whose help can take you a long way when you decide to start a blog. We recommend that you follow the below steps to write good academic content for your blogs.

1. Establish a routine

When you plan on becoming an academic writer, it is important to find a routine for yourself. Each article should have some connect with the next one. So plan a weekly or monthly routine that you can stick to when you are writing these papers.

2. Research your facts

This is the most important step for writing an academic blog. Once you have established a good topic, the next step is to research on the same in order to get points that you can incorporate in the blogs. When you are researching, it is advised that you note down the points that will help you to remember the things that you have researched.

3. Experiment with your voice

An academic paper can incorporate many different styles of writing. It is a very good idea to initially experiment with the voice you feel easy to write in.

4. Assert a point

When you are writing an academic essay, you need to make sure that you are asserting the point that you want to make. This means you need to find a way in which you can highlight the point that you want to put forward in your academic writing.

5. Make it informative but interesting

While writing an academic paper, it sometimes becomes difficult to make the blog interesting. So while you are writing one, it is important to make it as interesting as possible. Readers would be able to enjoy the blog when it makes for an interesting read.

6. Be concise

Try and incorporate as many points as you can but keep it short and simple. This will help you to get better reader ship.

7. Experiment with the form of writing

There are many different ways in which you can write an academic blog. Feel free to read on the different type and experiment with the style you think suits you the best.

These above steps will help you to become an academic blogger. When you are writing academic content, make sure to remember that it should be written in such a way that readers can get some help from it. It is essential to find the correct style, which will help readers connect to your blogs.

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