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563 more people die in 24 hours in the UK from coronavirus

by LLB Reporter
1st Apr 20 2:23 pm

On Wednesday 563 people have died in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus, with the UK total now standing at 2,352.

The Department of Health said, the deaths happened in the 24 hours before 5pm on Tuesday, and 29,474 people have tested positive for coronavirus, up by 4,324 since Tuesday.

The news comes as Downing Street, confirmed more than 2,000 NHS frontline staff in England have been tested for coronavirus since the outbreak began.

Scotland reported another 16 deaths on Wednesday, bringing the total to 76, whilst Wales said they have had 29 more people have die, with the country’s total now at 98.

According to scientists the UK could already have 1.8m people who are already infected with coronavirus, with one in every 37 who already have the virus.

Government advisor, Professor Neil Ferguson who leads researchers at Imperial College London was the foremost scientist that advised on locking down the UK.

Ferguson and fellow researchers suggest an average of 4% of people across 11 European countries, totalling around 19m have already been infected.

Professor Ferguson and his colleagues wrote in their report, “The ECDC [European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control] provides information on confirmed cases and deaths attributable to COVID-19.

On Tuesday it was announced that a 13-year old schoolboy from Brixton had died alone in a London hospital after contracting coronavirus.

Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab died at Kings’ College London on Monday, and family members were not allowed to visit him or be by his side as he died for fear they would catch coronavirus.

US scientists have made a grim discovery that coronavirus can lurk in the air for hours spreading from room to room spreading through hospital corridors infecting many, including people who are outside.

The University of Nebraska researchers said their findings highlights the importance or protective personal equipment (PPE) for hospital staff.

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