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42% of British adults feel more anxious now than at the start of lockdown

by LLB Reporter
2nd Jun 20 5:56 am

As the UK begins to emerge from lockdown, are we becoming less anxious? How have we been coping with feelings of anxiety in lockdown? And are we planning to make changes as we reflect on this huge change to our world?

KLORIS CBD commissioned leading polling company YouGov to conduct a survey of 2014 adults across Great Britain (weighted to be representative of the GB population) to find out.

The full findings are available here.

The key findings:

A huge 42% of British adults are feeling more anxious now than they were at the start of lockdown.

78% of british adults are suffering from the same or greater anxiety now that the UK lockdown is easing compared to when the lockdown began. Only 20% feel less anxious now.

Brits biggest worries are the increased chance of them/loved ones catching the virus with the easing of the lockdown (36%), and uncertainty about life after lockdown (30%). 18-24 year olds were the most likely to say that they are most anxious about money (15%) followed closely by 25-34 year olds (13%).

How have people been coping with anxiety in lockdown?

We asked those currently feeling anxious what they have been doing to help them cope with their anxiety during the lockdown.

Only one in five reported drinking more alcohol, whereas nearly a third or 32%, said they resorted to comfort eating.

Millennials (18-34 year olds) were twice as likely to turn to natural therapies like CBD than to use prescription medication more frequently to help with lockdown anxiety (6% vs 3%).

Women are turning to mindfulness, whilst men are turning to video games.

14% of women (8% of men) are practicing mindfulness / meditation / spiritual practice more often, 19% of men (10% of women) playing more video games to help cope with anxiety caused by lockdown.

Regional variations showed that Londoners were the most likely to turn to spiritual practices like meditation (17%) and natural therapies like CBD and aromatherapy (6%).

Overall, to help with their lockdown anxieties:

  • 28% say they’re exercising more
  • 38% are streaming more content/ watching more TV
  • 32% are using social media more
  • 26% are spending more time on a hobby

51% of people want to make life changes after lockdown

Lockdown has provided plenty of time to reflect on life, so how many want to make a change when lockdown ends?

A whopping 51% of people reported that they want to make changes to their ‘normal’ life when lockdown ends. Only 36% were happy with the way their life was before and don’t want to make any changes when lockdown ends.

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