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3 Best ways to invest your $100k

16th Mar 18 1:15 pm

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You have $100K. Congrats, because not many people can truly say they have such cash at their disposal as free money or money that they can afford to lose. Many people in your shoes really would not know what to do with 100K. What would you do with $100K if you had it right now?

Would you visit some holiday spots over a one year period and spend it all on alcohol and women? There is a recent online story of a man who did just that in Africa in a 2-year period, boasting about how he spent 200,000 Euros on his self-professed “2-year sex tour”! Really?

Some corrupt politicians regularly spend such amounts on trips and shopping sprees. A former First Lady known as “Gucci Grace” was reputed to spend up to 75,000 pounds on shoes on each of her regular shopping sprees in London. Would you copy her example?

Or would you break from tradition and put that $100K to good use in the forex market?

The forex market holds many secrets of making money and is arguably the best place to invest 100K. The fact is that when you have access to such large amounts of money, it can do a lot of work for you in forex, especially when you get a great automated trading robot to work on this money with no required effort on your part. So if you are looking for where to invest 100K, the next few paragraphs written below about this topic may decidedly change your life in 2018.

How to invest 100k             

As far as 2018 is concerned, the three best ways to invest 100K are as follows:

Automated forex trading.

Buying into Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Investing in Treasury Bills in Selected Countries.

Of these three options, trading forex and other assets on a forex platform using automated trading software with a built-in AI algorithm is probably the best option for you, given the amount of money at your disposal. There are several reasons why you should consider this option.

Returns on investment are immediate. You get a guaranteed 0.38per centreturn every day on your account, courtesy of the Rofx.net robot. You do not need to Hold On For Dear Life (HODL) for months or even years to get returns on your investment (as in ICOs).

You do not have to do loads of research trying to sift out good what government bonds will give you good returns. The interest rate environment in many western economies are quite low, and you will be lucky to get up to 5per centannually on your bond investments

You get to put your money at work in the most liquid financial market in the world, where money can be made daily. You can make money completely on autopilot using a software that has been programmed to learn to make money from forex even when market conditions are evolving.

You can profit from a market which can put money in your pocket whether your chosen currency pair is trending higher or tanking in value.

So what is the best place to invest 100k?

Where to invest 100k in 2018

There is a compelling case to invest your 100K in an automated managed accounts service, which deploys a forex robot that is built on AI to deliver the best that automated trading can offer.


Profitable forex trading is a product of considerable engagement of time, study, practice and mentorship. It typically takes 18 months to train an individual from being a complete newbie to a profitable FX professional trader. That is why many prop firms charge their trainees a lot of money to cover the cost of training and mentorship programs. But when you use a profitable automated trading software, all the stress is taken away from you. Do you know that AI-driven software can deliver 0.38 per centdaily returns on your 100K investment?

Emotion-free Trading

Apart from profitability considerations, there is also the aspect of emotional influences on trading. Investing 100K in forex may seem easy, but the experiences of many retail traders has shown that when emotion is involved, investing can quickly turn to gambling and all that money could be gone very quickly. Gamblers believe that staking big is equivalent to winning big. Investing in forex does not follow such a mantra, because betting big could lead to a big loss, which can be very damaging to your 100K capital.

Controlled Risk

An AI algorithm can be developed to make robot work with very low risk in setting up trades, irrespective of market conditions. But a human trader will find it difficult to cope with the pressure not to exceed acceptable risk conditions. 0.38per centon a 100K capital may seem small, but when you add this up to produce monthly returns of between 11 per centand 13 per cent, it becomes sizeable. This is not a bad return for a passive income generating activity which does not affect your regular offline income generating activity. If the automated managed account service provider offers a loss protection mechanism, this will compensate for any losses that could be incurred by the robot.

Ever-Present Market Opportunities

There is another reason why automated robot trading is a good example of how to invest 100,000. How many markets present the market opportunities available in managed forex trading? Not many. Stocks do not experience the kind of movements that currencies show on a daily basis. Typically, the earnings season is when we see big movements on stocks. But this is different when it comes to forex. High impact forex news always produces big movements on currencies. This produces volatility, and volatility brings opportunity.


The discussion of investing 100K for profit cannot be complete without a mention of the fact that you can get loss protection insurance when you sign up to use an automated robot trading service. No one will be amused by a robot that continues to sustain losses on such large capital. That is why a loss protection mechanism is a benefit that only the best place to invest 100K can offer a trader. 100K is not small change, and a 100K trader is a VIP trader. As a VIP trader, you deserve to be insured.

So if you are looking for how to invest 100,000, invest it with a service that can give you all the parameters mentioned above.

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