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YouTube videos are getting a whole lot better – here's why

10th Nov 16 7:28 am

New tech for YouTube?

New HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology is set to make YouTube videos appear more vibrant and realistic.

Any clips using the HDR technology will feature a wider range of colours and a bigger number of brightness levels between black and white. This will help with increasing the contrast of a clip and will make the video more detailed.

If you want to wreak the full benefits of HDR you will need a compatible monitor.

High end streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix have been offering films and television programmes of HDR quality to its customers for months now. YouTube is offering a new way for the public to share its own videos in the format.

As well as this the new Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 consoles will support HDR.

David Mercer, from the technology consultancy Strategy Analytics told the BBC: “YouTube’s move is a big vote of confidence in HDR,”

“It really is all about whiter whites and blacker blacks – it sounds corny, but when you’ve seen a really good demo, it can be quite spectacular.

“But we will all need HDR screens to enjoy it.”

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