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You would not even know all the benefits of technology

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1st May 19 2:06 pm

When most tech-savvy people teach other non-tech users, they assume they know everything about technology. Well, to be honest, they are still unaware of some major benefits of technology. This is because they were too busy pretending to be experts at all the “leading” social media applications. As a result, they forgot to research about other quality services that technology has been providing since it came into existence.

So, whether you are a self-proclaimed tech-savvy person or a newbie, you need to check many other potential benefits that most individuals, including students, are still unaware of.  Those benefits are listed below.

Benefits of technology in education students are nnaware of:

  1. Many students at educational institutions use specific sites to extract information to complete their assignments, but they are still unaware of the most suitable and authentic sites. They also don’t know how to locate open-access images for their topics. In a nutshell, they lack basic research skills, just because some institutions still rely on old reference books.
  2. Also, aged and conventional teachers have little idea about the enormous amounts of information that this technology can provide. To eradicate this problem, it is the responsibility of these institutions to conduct training programs for both students and teachers; so, when any work is assigned, both of them can be on the same page as well as tools such as free plagiarism checker.
  3. Engagement with other users through technology can be effective and motivating for students. But only if they know about certain educational groups and communities that are present online where they can find people who have the same queries. It is also important to know people who have correct answers to your query. Plus, through these close groups students will get to collect additional information that they may include in their assignments too.
  4. According to an authentic source, it was confirmed that typing assignments in Microsoft Word improved students’ writing speed. Plus, constant correction of spellings, punctuations and better sentence formation can help students improve their writing skills. This can improve their English grades drastically. Moreover, typing will prevent untidy assignments which can contribute to a student’s overall performance, and his/her motivation to work hard. Students might also make use of online editing software or install an editing application into their browser to proofread their mistakes.
  5. Apart from all the exciting and informative applications that technology has served students with, they are still unaware of certain educational websites. Or, if they are aware, they tend to ignore them when in class. It would be better if they were assigned to study these apps first at home and then in class. Plus, these sites usually don’t get the attention of learners because they are complicated and difficult to operate, but if teachers assign students to go through “how- to-use” tutorials online before the semester starts, students would be much eager to improve their GPA through these apps.
  6. Students might be great at multi-tasking on their mobile phone as they move swiftly from Facebook to Instagram and from Instagram to Snapchat. Unfortunately, they lack multitasking skills in real life. Also, it is hard to text and listen to your lecture at the same time no matter how good you are.
  7. Technology can also increase a student’s productivity levels; this was revealed in a recent study. During this study, a private school taught their students digital designing skills, after which one of the students thought of using this skill. So, she printed her designs on plain sheets and donated some to senior citizens and the rest at an orphanage. Seeing her utilizing her skill through the use of technology, other students felt encouraged to do the same. Thus, this was able to help every student, preventing them from staying idle, which could’ve led to disciplinary action.
  8. Most learners tend to ignore the importance of feedback when working on an elaborate and complex topic. Feedback is far more effective than general information students find on the internet. The reason behind is the individual thinking and personal experience that people use to give feedbacks. Plus, students can benefit from a variety of insights that all the feedback provides. It just gets easier with every passing feedback. If you are worried that posting a poll on your personal profile will attract a lot of negative judgment from your friends online, then don’t worry as you can post the same poll on anonymous websites all over the internet.

Bottom line

Technology has proven to be an ever-changing concept; so, constant research on its benefits is highly important as no one would want to stay outdated, especially students as their world revolves around these social networking sites and not getting the best buck out of it would be a shame. Also, technological awareness programs are vital and should be conducted in all organizations at least twice a year.

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