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XS.com announces global partnership for the Traders Fair South Africa

by LLB Finance Reporter
15th Sep 23 6:42 am

 XS.com, the multinational global FinTech and financial services provider has today announced that it will be the Global Sponsor of the Traders Fair South Africa which is taking place on 16 September.

The event – which is being organised by FINEXPO – will be held at the Protea Hotel Johannesburg Wanderers, South Africa.

”In the rapidly evolving realm of financial technology, exciting developments have been reshaping the traditional landscape. As we stand on the threshold of the upcoming Traders Fair event, our enthusiasm brims over as we proudly announce our Global Sponsorship. This event is poised to be an exceptional platform for us, positioned amidst the diverse and pulsating energy of a global audience.

By embracing this sponsorship, we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to initiatives that are intricately intertwined with the fabric of innovative financial ecosystems. With our imminent participation in the spotlight, we eagerly look forward to cultivating new connections, exchanging profound insights, and contributing to the continual advancement of the world’s financial paradigms” commented Andreea Ilies, Global Head of Events at XS.com. 

The global multi-asset broker is set to exhibit its latest products and services at the Traders Fair South Africa, highlighting its focus on online investments, while also offering valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the Fintech industry.  

Shorena Jejeia, CEO of FINEXPO and organiser of the Traders Fair South Africa said, “We extend heartfelt appreciation to the XS.com Group for their renewed collaboration as our esteemed Global Sponsor.

“Their steadfast support for the upcoming Traders Fair South Africa 2023 holds immeasurable value. Within the intricate fabric of South Africa’s financial realm, the online investment and trading sector is thriving.

“It’s a dynamic arena where a diverse community of traders is embracing digital investments, and brokers are making lasting impressions on the evolving terrain.

“As we prepare to host this significant event, we acknowledge the significance of partnerships like these in driving progress within the industry.”

South Africa, and Johannesburg in particular, is characterized by a mix of traditional banking, insurance, investment, and newer fintech innovations.

The country’s financial services industry is regulated by various authorities, including the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Johannesburg is the economic powerhouse of South Africa and often considered the financial capital of the country.

The city hosts the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), which plays a critical role in capital raising and trading for companies both in South Africa and internationally. 

As the Global Partner, XS.com will have a prominent presence throughout the Traders Fair South Africa, showcasing their comprehensive suite of services and expertise in the Financial Services industry.

Additionally, the award winning broker is proud to feature distinguished speakers who will share their insights and expertise during the event. Chanelle Tsoka, Country Manager of South Africa at XS.com, will be holding an educational and informative presentation about the “The Importance of Domain Name for Modern Business. The Example of Elon Musk & X.com”

Moreover, Mabyanine Phiri, Marketing Manager of South Africa at XS.com will captivate the audience with his presentation titled “Unveiling the Future of Online  Trading and Fintech in Africa”.

XS.com extends a warm welcome to all participants, encouraging them to partake in insightful dialogues and experience first-hand, in-person resolution to their inquiries. Eager anticipation brews within the ranks of the XS Group, poised to build new relationships with event attendees, as the team showcases the latest development in cutting-edge trading solutions. 

XS.com’s active participation in these engaging discussions further highlights their dedication to fostering industry growth, cultivating meaningful connections with industry peers, and solidifying their position as a trusted partner in the global financial landscape.

XS.com has been joining exhibitions around the world since the start of the year including in the UAE, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bahrain, and Jordan – the team will continue its global road trip to UAE and Egypt.

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