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World Cup, Ebola, iPhone 6 and how to kiss – here are 2014's biggest UK Google trends

by LLB Editor
16th Dec 14 12:27 pm

“How to kiss”, “How to draw” and “How to meditate” – these are the three big questions Londoners sought answers for on Google in 2014.

How do we know? Well, through Google.

The search engine has just released its “A year in search” tool where you can look at the most searched topics in 2014.

In terms of UK wide trends, the World Cup in Brazil, Ebola and the iPhone 6 were the biggest Google trends in 2014.

The biggest news stories that trended in the UK this year include the Malasian Airways Disasters, Luis Suarez Bite and the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Other news stories that trended in Britain include the deaths of Peaches Geldof, Robin Williams and Rik Mayall.


Take a look at what trended in Britain:

Top Trending Searches

iPhone 6

Peaches Geldof

Robin Williams

Rik Mayall

Flappy Bird


Philip Seymour Hoffman

Grand National 2014

Jennifer Lawrence


Most-searched news stories

Malasian Airways Disasters

Luis Suarez Bite

Scottish Independence Referendum

Sir Cliff Richard Allegations

Celebrity Photo Hacking

Oscar Pistorius Trail

Michael Schumacher Accident

Frank Maloney Sex Change

Alan Henning Beheading

Ukraine Military Unrest


What is…?

What is ALS

What is love

What is fracking

What is autism

What is gluten

What is lupus

What is anxiety

What is gout

What is twerking


Who is…?

Who is Banksy

Who is Frenchy

Who is Dappy

Who is Hamas

Who is Sia

Who is Ultron

Who is Isis

Who is R5

Who is Twiggy

Who is Lohanthony


How to…

How to kiss

How to crochet

How to meditate

How to knit

How to twerk

How to squat

How to shuffle

How to revise

How to screenshot


Where is…?

Ecuador’s Enner Valencia celebrates the winner against Honduras Where is Honduras

Where is Uruguay

Where is Sochi

Where is Gleneagles

Where is Estonia

Where is Algeria

Where is Broadmoor

Where is Brazil

Where is Ecuador

Where is Palestine


Most searched businesses






John Lewis




Marks and Spencer


Take a look at more UK Google trends here

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