WORKFORCE ANALYTICS – How data can transform your business and the people in it


Tackling Britain’s talent issues using the power of data

This e-guide has been produced in partnership with IBM

Finding and keeping talent is a top priority for any business. Whether you’re a salmon farmer in the Scottish highlands or a surfboard maker in Cornwall – your business is your workforce. No man is an island.

So think: When did you last sit down and examine who you employ and why? Most likely, it was the last time you lost a promising colleague to a competitor, or the last time you made a brilliant new recruit. Perhaps it was in view of a new product or service you’re developing, and the provisions needed to staff that development.

Either way, how equipped did you feel throughout the process? How confident were you that you couldn’t have done more to keep your colleague from jumping ship? That your new employee really is the right person for the job?

That the new product you’ve been so carefully working on will flourish under the leadership of those you brought in?

The big question is: have you built an effective workforce?

Building a smarter workforce is about understanding the power of data; how to harness it so that you can take action on workforce issues with confidence. After all, if your workforce is central to your business why not make its analysis central too?

Our free e-guide, produced in partnership with IBM, outlines key ways employers and HR directors can benefit from workforce analytics.

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WORKFORCE ANALYTICS – How data can transform your business and the people in it