Woah! This person just landed £760,000 jackpot from a 50p stake



A Paddy Power customer has landed a huge bingo win, after scooping a £760,000 jackpot on an online bingo game.

The lucky punter won £765,834 on Beauty’s Beast this week.

The British winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “When I saw the message flash up on the screen, I didn’t feel anything I thought it was an advert so quickly closed it and got back to playing.

“After a few more spins, I exited the game and then saw my balance. I couldn’t believe it, I was in absolute shock, I had to call the helpdesk and confirm I’d really won.

“I had to send my missus a picture of the jackpot win to prove it to her, it was hysterics all over the place.


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