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Woah! Nike just released a pair of SELF-TYING shoes

by LLB Editor
17th Mar 16 3:19 pm

Can’t be asked to tie shoelaces anymore? Don’t worry, Nike’s got a solution for you.

The shoe giant has just unveiled HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers that that can tie themselves up.

The shoes can sense when its wearer is stepping into them and can then tie laces according to your “lacing and tension preferences”.

Nike said: “When you step in, your heel will hit a sensor and the system will automatically tighten,” said the leader of the project of Nike, Tiffany Beers, in a statement. “Then there are two buttons on the side to tighten and loosen. You can adjust it until it’s perfect.”

Who need these shoes?

According to Nike, these shoes will be perfect for athletes so that they can automatically adjust themselves to the wearer’s needs.

The price of a pair of HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers hasn’t been revealed yet.

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