Home Business News With the current cost of living uncertainties, picking up a bike has never sounded better

With the current cost of living uncertainties, picking up a bike has never sounded better

by LLB Finance Reporter
7th Nov 22 10:21 am

2022 has been quite the year. In financial terms, it’s not necessarily been the best one! The rising cost of living crisis has affected 9 in 10 adults according to the ONS.

“Many people are starting to feel the effects of rising costs, with outgoings like fuel being a major factor”, says Alex Bennett, Head of Marketing at leading cycle insurer, cycleGuard.

“That’s why it could be a better time than ever for people to enjoy the benefits of cycling, whether it be for fun or the daily commute,” he adds. Here is our list of the top cycling benefits.

A great health kick

Cycling is a very effective exercise to improve your health. It’s an excellent low-impact sport if you are worried about damaging your joints while also proving great for reducing chances of heart disease and increasing cardiovascular fitness.

Lose weight by cycling

Cycling is a great calorie burner and an easy sport to get involved in no matter your size. While most would gravitate to running, cycling is much more gradual to begin with, which is especially helpful for those with a limited sporting background!

Help the Environment

Whether you’re grabbing the shopping, having fun on the weekend, or travelling to work, a bike is undeniably a more environmentally friendly method than a car!

Make friends and socialise

Bike rides are a great opportunity to meet up with friends and family for days out. For those looking to meet new faces, biking groups are a sure-fire way to socialise. Google and social media are great for finding like-minded people ranging from countryside mountain bikers to road biking pros!

The commuter’s favourite

And finally, let’s talk about commuting on your bike. Research in many cities has shown that cyclists arrive at work in half the time of their car co-workers. For many, that’s reason enough to convert! On top of this, by cycling, you’re potentially saving hours’ worth of fuel. This is especially relevant to many in 2022 as fuel prices have hit a record high.

“Fuel prices are affecting many people across the UK. This is a great reason to pick up your bike as your default form of transport as while you’re positively impacting environmental issues, you’re also increasing your disposable income, which can’t be understated in the current climate,” Bennett concludes.

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