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WiseAlpha’s mission to democratise the bond market

by LLB Reporter
18th Dec 19 12:53 pm

WiseAlpha, the UK’s leading digital bond market platform, has today announced the launch of its new bond academy. WiseAlpha’s investment platform makes corporate bonds available to everyday investors at affordable sizes, via its Fractional Bonds. In addition to this, WiseAlpha are now aiming to educate the masses about the corporate bond market, with the launch of their free online academy.

This exciting new approach will be the first of its kind, of giving the everyday investor an opportunity to expand their knowledge on this superior asset class, through the use of exciting and informative online tutorials with new modules being released monthly. The course aims to inform about bond investing from industry experts.

There are specific and inclusive courses designed for every investor level, from beginner to advanced. The course offers three separate units to match the user’s knowledge. Unit one, teaches what are bonds and how they differ from equities. Unit two, teaches what are the different types of bonds and how do they come to the market. And unit three, covers how investors assess the quality of a company and its commercial viability and what industry dynamics should be considered.

The academy will be directed by independent expert instructor, George Flynn from europeanhighyield.online. Flynn has over 15-years of experience in high yield, with previous experience of working with companies such as ECM Asset Management, Pictet and most recently Everest Research. George will pursue to teach members everything he knows about corporate bonds.

The ambition behind the launch of the new bond academy is to disrupt the corporate debt market and why the digitisation is paramount to providing individual investors access to this underrepresented asset class.

Tom Macura, COO of WiseAlpha Technologies said, “The financial elite have been investing in corporate bonds, and earning outsized returns, for decades.”

“Now that we’re democratising the corporate bond market, we want to provide everyone with the knowledge they need to invest in this superior but often misunderstood asset class.”

“WiseAlpha Bond Academy’s courses are taught by bond industry professionals and has new modules released monthly. WiseAlpha wants to help investors, no matter their experience level, to make informed and educated decisions on their financial futures.”

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