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Why wealth management funds could be an example to investors post Brexit

9th Jul 18 8:31 am

There is no denying that Brexit has been causing a great deal of concern amongst businesses and investors alike. A seismic event, it will separate the EU and the UK both in an economic sense and a political one, and there is no telling how the UK economy will perform in the aftermath of the split.

Given that it is likely to affect so many businesses in the UK, it may be difficult for investors to choose shares to invest in with so much uncertainty surrounding the future of various companies. Here are some of the reasons that wealth management funds, such as Wellington Management Funds, could be of use.

They are experts

The people within wealth management funds usually have a great deal of experience in dealing with different market conditions. As such, they also know how navigate many of risks posed by large levels of volatility and uncertain market conditions.

By finding out which investments a wealth management fund has chosen, it is possible to gain an insight into which assets may be worth exploring when trying to navigate the investment risks of Brexit.


Those working in the wealth management industry are also likely to have the most cutting edge resources available to them in terms of being able to analyse different markets and helping them make informed investment decisions. Some of these resources include artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, which are already revolutionising their capabilities.

In addition, they could have useful connections in the industry, who will help to advise them on the best course of action in terms of choosing profitable investments.

No guarantees

With that being said, it should be noted that the size and scope of Brexit, and its effects on the UK economy, are completely unprecedented, and even wealth management firms may struggle to predict which asset classes and companies will be affected the most by Brexit.

Although they may have some of the most qualified people in the field, any investments made my wealth management funds should still be taken with a pinch of salt, and all investors will likely still need to be willing to take on greater levels of risk post-Brexit.

Ultimately, the decisions of wealth management funds are always likely to be useful in informing investors (especially beginners) about investments which have potential. When it comes to Brexit, though, it will be down to each individual how they proceed with investing.

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