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Why online dating is a perfect fit for a busy business schedule

25th Jun 18 9:50 am

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Not so long ago, the prospect of using dating websites to track down partners was regarded with a degree of skepticism. Surely this was an avenue only pursued by singles who had been unsuccessful at finding love in the real world? But online dating has not only been evolving and growing ever more sophisticated in tandem with other aspects of social media. It has been experiencing a huge growth in popularity. In a recent poll conducted by marriage specialist website The Knot, when married individuals were asked where they met their partner, one in five answered ‘online.’

Dating sites have long shed those connotations about being some sort of last resort. Quite the reverse. They are increasingly seen as a contemporary, efficient and convenient way to engage with potential partners, their blend of sensuality and technological sophistication irresistible to many. What’s more, they present a method of communicating with like-minded individuals that is in-tune with the complex lives many of us find ourselves leading.

As more and more work is conducted in the online environment, particularly where the same activities would once have taken place in office settings, people can perform tasks while commuting, they can hot desk in a variety of locations; or, according to a Gallup poll, they can join the 24-31% of the workforce working from home. Here are some of the main reasons why dating sites are the ideal recreational activity to factor into a packed business itinerary.

It’s so convenient

Let’s face it, traditional dating could be time-consuming. When you were pursuing a love interest, you had to spend time wooing them, inviting them out on dates, gradually teasing out aspects of their personality, each date leading up to the fraught conversation at the end of the evening about whether you had developed enough of a rapport to arrange further dates.

The first aspect of the online version is you have so much choice. You can quickly get a handle on which is the best online dating service for your own needs, depending on the type of relationship you are seeking. A lot of sites are free to sign-up to, and once you’re onboard you can spend time sifting through the profiles in your search for someone compatible. When you come across anyone who catches your eye, you can begin to flirt with them online, starting off by sending them a wink, the engaging in friendly chat.

This relaxed and discreet environment is conducive to forging real connections. Unlike dating offline, which can be mired with mind games, website users are inclined to embrace the spirit of honesty, sharing intimate stories that can allow chemistry to sparkle in a relatively short period.

Instant connections in chat rooms

Anyone who has had been faced with deadlines for typing out reports and then emailing them out, or any other type of timescale-based admin activity, will be aware of how easily they can get drawn into that unforgiving computer screen. We are all aware of the recommendations about taking regular time out, but sometimes the demands of finishing a task outweigh notions of breaks. You can seriously unwind by connecting virtually.


Dating sites are a perfect way of adding to your social circle. Easily navigable, they can fit into your portfolio of online activities. Log into your account and you could be exchanging business ideas and flirting with women from Tokyo, Cairo or New York. As long as you keep your leisure running on as strict a timescale as your work activities, you will always return to the day job.

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