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Why London is a great place to set up your business

10th May 18 9:19 am

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Okay, so you have decided to take the plunge and start your own business – well, this promises to be a very exciting time but also a very challenging one. There are many different things that you will have to sort out and organize before you get your new venture off the ground such as finances, staffing, marketing, and more. In addition, you will need to look at the options when it comes to business premises, as you need to ensure you choose the right facility and the right location.

The area that you choose for your business premises will be crucial when it comes to making the right choice, as this can affect everything from professional image through to ease and convenience. Of course, business premises in London are generally higher in price than other areas particularly close to the city. However, for many growing businesses, this is a worthwhile investment because of the many benefits that come from having a London business premises. You don’t have to find somewhere that is in perfect condition – if the price is right, you can head to sites such as myjobquote.co.uk to get improvements made.

Why choose London for your business?

London is an excellent location for all sorts of businesses, particularly those that are in the technology or finance industries. Over the years, this city has become a global hub for finance and technology, which is why so many startups that are operating within these industries decide to choose London as their main base. You will find plenty of valuable resources that are within easy reach when you set up your business in London, which can prove invaluable to new and growing businesses.

The other thing to consider is travelling for business. You may have people travelling from other countries to come and see you for meetings. Alternatively, you may have to fly overseas on business travel yourself. When you are located in London, you will be close to major international airports, which means that you can benefit from more choice and greater value when it comes to finding flights. It will also make things far more convenient for you and for those that are flying into the UK to see you, as it means total convenience due to the proximity of the airport to your London business premises.

Your address can have a huge impact on your professional image, particularly when you are dealing with customers and businesses from abroad. When you have a London address and base, you immediately give your business a high profile, professional image that can help to impress potential customers and clients. This is another major benefit of having your main office set up in London – it could actually help to boost business just because of the location and address.

Let’s not forget the huge variety of resources, facilities, and amenities that you have within easy reach when you have business premises in London. You could be neighbors with some of the best known businesses in the world, as many have branches and even their global headquarters in London. No matter what sort of facilities or amenities you need for your business, you should find them all within easy reach when you are located in London.

Transport links in London are also excellent, which is another key benefit for businesses. If you or your employees need to travel for business, you can get around without any problem. While there may be more traffic in central areas of London, there are very good road and motorway links as well as excellent public transport links. This makes it far easier to get from one place to another in order to conduct business.

A great choice for business growth

In a nutshell, choosing business premises in London is an excellent way to stimulate business growth, which is ideal if you are a new or growing business. Although the cost of renting and the cost of living in London is higher, you could commute to your business premises so you don’t necessarily have to live in the area as well. This can help to bring costs down and over the long run your location could mean that you enjoy far greater success as well as increased ease and convenience. By shopping around, you can find business premises at a more affordable price, which means that you can cut costs even further. You may even want to consider a serviced office at a set monthly rental.

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