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Why is there a Range Rover shortage in the UK?

by Sarah Dunsby
20th Mar 23 1:55 pm

Range Rovers are one of the most sought-after vehicles in the UK among car enthusiasts, luxury car owners, and anyone seeking to make a statement on the road. However, they can be notoriously challenging to acquire for various reasons.

The Range Rover symbolises luxury and quality, known as the Chelsea tractor, and many aspire to own it. The manufacturing company Land Rover produces a limited number of Range Rovers each year to maintain its exclusivity in the market.

Another reason for the scarcity of Range Rovers is their high price. With continuing difficulty sourcing components needed to build the cars, prices have increased by over 10%. With a starting price tag of around £85,000, it’s not a car that is affordable for everyone. The high price tag means that only a few people can afford a Range Rover, contributing to its low availability in the market and a lack of used cars. One of the main issues during the pandemic was the massive chip shortage which caused extreme delays. However, JLR has now fixed this issue.

A new issue has occurred over the last few years with the vast amount of thefts of Range Rovers causing a high spike in insurance premiums. With many sources claiming thousands of thefts per year, this hike has now started to command premiums in the 10’s of thousands making it challenging to operate a Range Rover.

Fortunately, while you are waiting to buy one in the short term, renting a Range Rover from companies like Season Car Rental is an excellent alternative. Season Car Rental is a car hire company that provides clients with luxury cars for any occasion, including Range Rovers. They offer various models for hire, including the popular Range Rover Vogue, the sleek Range Rover Sport, and the versatile Range Rover Evoque.

Renting a Range Rover from Season Car Rental is a fantastic way to experience driving one without committing to buying one. Renting it allows you to get a feel for the car and decide whether it’s right for you. Additionally, it will enable you to use the car for a limited period instead of a long-term commitment.

In conclusion, renting one from a reputable car hire company like Season Car Rental is ideal if you need help getting your hands on a Range Rover due to its limited supply or high price. It allows you to experience the luxury and prestige of a Range Rover without committing to buying one. So, why treat yourself to a Range Rover rental from Season Car Rental or experience one of the many other luxury car hire vehicles they provide?

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