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Why does visual management matter? The need for visual management

12th Mar 18 11:10 am

What is visual management?

Visual Management can be defined as one of the techniques or methods which is designed in such a way that anybody who is unfamiliar with the process or is just entering the scene can understand and get to know what is going on.

A very simple example of this is a cricket match. Even if you start watching a cricket match late; you still get to know the happenings. What makes this possible? Yes! The scoreboard. The scoreboard, in this case, is the visual indicator of all the vital statistics of the match. You come to know the overs bowled, run rate, target, runs required and so much more from the scoreboard itself.

With the help of scoreboard or any visual management tool whatsoever, you get access to real-time information and feedback about the status of the running process.

If we talk about electronics, then we can consider insPCB Visual Indicators for Serviceability like LEDs & external LCDs which helps a service team to know about the health of the printed circuit board or the PCB and when it requires servicing.

Importance of visual management

Visual Management has got a lot of importance and reasons associated with its usage:

Improves problem solving ability

With the help of visual tools or visual indicators associated with any process, since a person is getting real-time information about the process, one can easily identify and fix any kind of issue as and when it arises. Since the person will be knowing exactly where the problem is he/she can easily navigate to that section and fix the issue in pretty less time.

Improves focus & concentration

When the work or the process is visual it becomes really clear to a person as to what is happening around. He/she can directly focus and observe the work.

Take, for example, a movie. When you go to watch a movie, I don’t think you lose your focus and concentration, unless the movie is pretty boring. The visuals and scenes grasp your attention. Similar to this if visual management techniques are applied in other areas of life like in various business practices then an organization can easily attain a great level of efficiency.

Continuous improvement becomes possible

Since with visual management, problems, bugs, and various other errors are easily detected and fixed, it gives way to continuous and consistent improvement in a process, product or service. Also, visual management helps to look for positive and negative trends. This way, an organization, can easily eliminate the negative trends and concentrate more on building upon the positive trends.

Builds transparency.

With visual management, everybody is clear about the process and have access to real-time information regarding the process. This helps to bring about transparency in operations and hence, increases the efficiency.


Hence, we can conclude that Visual Management is absolutely great for achieving excellence in various operations, process, products, and services. It all depends on you, how you want to use Visual Management and its associated tools to bring about an improvement in your area of work.

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