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Why document scanning is growing in popularity with UK businesses

by Sarah Dunsby
6th Dec 22 10:41 am

It’s clear to most people by now that paper will soon be a thing of the past. Except for bibliophiles who appreciate old books, most things on paper, especially documents, will be digitised in just a few years.

Part of this process involves turning existing, physical paper documents into a digital format that can be stored, shared and edited online. Here, we take a look at why not only London document scanning has gotten so much more popular, but also its growth recently in the wider  UK, exploring some of the main benefits.

Online file storage increases efficiency

Finding and accessing your documents becomes far more efficient when you store them as digital files. Finding paper documents can be a laborious process that costs organisations a lot of money every year – one study found that 54% of office professionals wasted time looking for files.

Digital document storage solutions increase staff productivity while decreasing employee frustration, by saving time and effort when it comes to finding files – a massive bonus for all parties involved.

Reduce storage space

With rents increasing at a seemingly neverending rate, a lot of businesses will be looking for ways to reduce the size of their physical premises. For businesses that operate with a lot of documents, the amount of storage space needed to safeguard those documents can quickly build up.

Scanning your documents and then storing them in the cloud, or on hard drives, can massively decrease the amount of space you need to dedicate to storage. Not only does it make it easier to find the files, you can also start saving on rent and heating once you get rid of those now redundant storage rooms.

Added security

As concerns surrounding data security and privacy continue to escalate, businesses will be looking for more solutions to protect their documents. Securing paper files is quite difficult – it’s very hard to put in place different levels of access to different employees, and securing a physical location can also be quite expensive. On top of that, paper files are susceptible to damage, and have to be stored in stable conditions.

Scanning your documents can remove a lot of those issues. Digital files are much simpler to control access to, with two factor authentication available for the most sensitive documents. By storing them on hard drives and the cloud, you can also make it incredibly unlikely that the documents are irreparably damaged.

Decrease your business’ carbon footprint

As all heads turn to climate change as a primary issue, businesses will want to find ways to decrease their carbon footprint. Scanning documents is a great way of doing this; not only does it decrease paper usage, but it also removes the need to use energy to maintain a stable environment to store those documents.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to scanning documents, with these examples just scratching the surface. It’s a result of these benefits that document scanning is seeing such a rise in popularity among businesses in the UK.

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