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WHO expert exposes UKs ‘advantage’ over gradual lockdown

by LLB Politics Reporter
12th May 20 12:28 pm

A World Health Organization (WHO) official Dr Margret Harris has revealed the effectiveness of the Boris Johnsons’ strategy in gradually easing the lockdown.

Dr Harris praised the British governments approach as “appropriate” and that the UK has one huge “advantage.”

Countries such as South Korea and Germany are ahead over their lockdown easing measures which has started a debate on how different countries are taking their approach.

Speaking over the effectiveness of the government strategy she said we are learning from other countries who have a “few ships further along.”

She told BBC 5 Live Breakfast, “Going about it as gently as possible is appropriate.

“This is a really difficult thing and something none of us have expertise in.

“Lockdowns are something nobody’s ever done in human history so we’re all really learning.

“The advantage countries like the UK have are that other countries started doing it a little earlier.”

Dr Harris added, “So you’ve got a few ships further along in the unknown water waves.

“You can, at least, watch very carefully what happens there as well, to understand what kind of obstacles might be relevant for your society.”

Watching how Germany have gradually eased their lockdown by allowing schools and shops to reopen has seen a spike in numbers, which shows coronavirus is still here.

She said, “One of the problems is that people have been locked down and they’ve done a fantastic job.

“They have brought the new case numbers down in many societies, but the virus is still there.”

Dr Harris added, “So all the things that applied before the lockdown apply after.

“Germany’s discovering that, and so is Korea.

“They had a big uptick in cases because one young man didn’t know he was infected and managed to expose a lot of people at the weekend.”

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