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Which test can you do at home before your MOT test?

by John Saunders
9th Sep 21 3:10 pm

All too often car owners face a failure with their MOT not because of a major fault that would take a qualified mechanic to repair but a minor problem they could have dealt with themselves. In some cases, these can be put right without any tools at all, so remember to do these basic maintenance checks prior to your next MOT. What are the sort of things you should be doing? Read on to find out.

Confirm the oil Level

If you only think about putting some oil into your car’s reservoir when the dashboard light comes on, then you are not doing enough to keep your vehicle in good condition let alone pass your MOT. When the car’s engine is cold, pull out the dipstick, wipe it and then replace it. Next, take it out again. If the oil level sits between the two lines or notches, then the oil level doesn’t need to be altered.

Check if the horn works

This is a simple enough test to do! Simply hit your horn momentarily to make sure it sounds. Having a working horn is essential if you are to pass your MOT. Therefore, making sure yours works make sense unless you are already the sort of driver who sounds theirs frequently.

Perform a mirror check

Mirrors are very important for safe driving. However, you might have got used to driving with a cracked one or even one that is missing. That’s easy enough to do but you should also make sure that each of your wing mirrors is adjustable in all directions. If a mirror can’t provide an adequate view of other road users then your car could fail.

Test your tread depth

Tyres are checked in several ways during an MOT. One of the main reasons for cars to fail is insufficient tread depth. To be clear, even if your tyre has lots of tread left on it, just one patch where it is balding could be enough for a failure to ensue. Insert a 20 pence into the tread of each tyre around the outside. If the rim of the coin disappears from view into the tread, then the remaining depth will be deemed to be sufficient for a pass.

So, before you reserve a date for an MOT in London at Elite Direct (our recommended local garage), it will be a good idea to make sure your car meets all the above requirements and it is guaranteed that you will not return disappointed.

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