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Which sports betting markets to choose after reading betting tips?

by Sarah Dunsby
5th Jul 23 10:41 am

The number of websites where people can stumble upon tips for betting on sports grows every day, so it does not be surprised that millions of people are interested in them. Not everyone has enough time to follow the action across multiple sports, so users want to find someone they trust and use the tips when betting.

Speaking of those tips, they can focus on a lot of things. Some will specialise in a given sport and suggest a few markets from which players can choose, but others are more general. They will cover a wide range of events and allow people to pick what they want and start betting.

The second type of bet is more prevalent among gamblers that are not sure what to bet on because they are “free” to choose from a lot of things. Besides deciding what event to focus on, players will also need to choose the market they like, which is where the both team to score prediction come to play because they reveal the ins and outs of one of the most popular options. BTTS is something that you will find in almost every team-based sport, even though most bookmakers will only offer it if people decide to wager on football.

If we put the BTTS aside, there are a few other alternatives that deserve additional attention and are worth using, and we will take a look at them in this article.


In addition to BTTS, the second alternative a lot of people choose after reading various tips is called 1×2. Some bookies may use other names for it, but it is the classic option because it lets users bet on the game’s winner. Those who decide to bet on specific sports can also choose that the game will end in a draw, which is good because the option’s odds are more competitive than usual.

The reason why a lot of people choose this market over the rest is because of how easy it is to understand. They do not need any previous experience, and the tips make things even easier because the tipsters analyse each team or player’s previous results. This allows users to understand what happened, and they should be able to make a more accurate prediction.

The only problem with this thing is that the favourite’s odds are low. Of course, the numbers you will come across for the underdogs are high, but predicting such a selection is not easy. That’s why some people prefer using the next option on the list.

Double Chance

This is another classic option that is usually one of the top-tier football betting alternatives and is available in other similar sports. However, some operators also started offering it for different things, including eSports.

Double Chance is the alternative where clients get more chances of winning because their bet contains two outcomes. There might be different variations, but the most picked one includes the 1x, 2x, or 1-2 options. Choosing the first one means that you will win if the host wins the match or it ends in a draw. Going for the second option will result in a win if the away team wins or the match is a draw, whereas choosing the last option will be a winner if one of the two teams wins.

Most sports betting tips will not focus that much on this market, but the things said about the 1×2 option also apply here because this is basically the same thing. The only difference is that this market has significantly lower odds because people minimise the risk of losing. Due to the lower odds, some people prefer using other kinds of things.


Lastly, we have one of the diverse markets for wagering on sports and it’s called Over/Under. This option has at least a couple of variations across multiple sports, so it is impossible for tipsters to cover everything. However, most people will share some words about some of the most popular variations, such as those about goals in soccer and red/yellow cards.

Over/Under is a market where the odds can be quite high as long as people choose some of the higher values. That said, they are more difficult to predict, so people need to be careful.


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