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Which London video production company is best for my project?

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8th Sep 20 2:18 pm

Although the web is a hub of information, especially when it comes to London video production, the million-pound question is, how can you choose one that will satisfy your need? Below is a guideline that will not only save you time but also help you make a decision quickly. Please do not take any chances when it comes to hiring the best creative production service.

1. Do not just Google, look at their portfolio

This is a point that is straightforward and obvious. There are benefits in asking yourself a few questions. It would be best if you asked yourself questions such as:

  • Is their service matching the value you are looking for?
  • Do they offer professional work?
  • Is their work and company reflecting the quality output?
  • Does their work output creative and memorable enough to reflect your marketing needs?
  • Does their overall profile compel you to find out more about the company?

2. Know more about their clients

When it comes to choosing a video agency, it is highly important to find a credible company that you can work with. Just like in every industry, there are those companies that will brag about how they meet deadlines, the way they are good, how they offer innovative content, and much more. However, the question is, are all their claims true?

The best way to prove this is by looking at the agency’s client portfolio. The idea is to find out if they have a reputable client that is ready to back the agency’s claims. In a nutshell, without a proper track record, the chances are everything is fake. You can start by going through their google reviews.  Doing research will help you separate the fake from professionals.

3. Are they up-to-date with latest industry trends?

You can only identify this through communications. In other words, call them and explain your needs or what you need. If they understand what you need, the message you need to deliver, and your audience, the chances are they know the latest industry trends. However, they should also be able to suggest creative suggestions that add value to your ideas.  They should be in a position to offer a different but better idea as well.

By talking to them, try to know their vision towards your brand. Moreover, are they in a position to meet their company goals while obeying your company values? If the answer to all these is YES! do not miss the chance to hire them.

4. Quality is everything and should not be compromised by price

Every day, the production of videos increases across different platforms. However, the quality of the video is what will attract more viewers or leads.  Therefore, when it comes to marketing, the best or high quality video will have a better conversion rate or Return of Investment (ROI). Therefore, never compromise quality over price.

At Vebu we believe in partnerships and have a long list of satisfied clients. We have been in the industry for more than 25 years and have created several memorable videos. Check our portfolio by clicking here.

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