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What you should know before getting personal liability insurance in Germany

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6th Oct 20 11:20 am

Second to a medical insurance cover, personal liability insurance is an essential insurance type in Germany. As most accidents are unprecedented, having a backup plan to save yourself for when you are liable is a prudent move.

Why is personal liability insurance essential in Germany?

Once bitten twice shy is not the kind tale you want in Germany. Instead, opt for prevention is better than cure. Imagine a scenario of you walking down the street and accidentally being involved in a car or bike accident resulting in a damage to the other person’s vehicle. In cases like this, you clearly had no intention to harm others, but as long as you are in Germany, you are held liable and therefore expected to pay for any possible damages. Personal liability insurance plays a significant role in saving you from inadvertences’ financial consequences; it also covers you from any legal expense resulting from wrongful accusation.

Who is allowed to acquire and benefit from personal liability insurance?

As it is, liability insurance in Germany is mainly for preparedness in the case where you are liable.  The best part is that your spouse and children can benefit from the same liability insurance cover as long as you are insured. As for your children, they remain beneficiaries until they complete their first professional education.

People who own animals don’t just seek any liability insurance. There is a special one for them that goes by the name “Tierhalterhaftpflichtversicherung,” which means insurance for people with animals. It aims to cover damages that one’s animals could bring about.

Children under the age of seven years are not held liable in Germany. The same applies to patients who have dementia. Nevertheless, it does not keep them off the hook when it comes to getting insured. Liability insurance would surely come in handy to block any unrightfully claims that may arise against them.

What should you look for in a liability insurance cover?

A good liability insurance cover should meet a certain threshold to qualify as the best option.

Right deductibles

The right deductible: In Germany, deductibles range up to £500. The best part is that they won’t milk your pockets dry.

Reasonable price range

Excellent personal liability insurance in Germany should be able to cover any damage to rented property at a price range of at least £1,000,000.

Another wise calculation is to have an overall amount you want your liability insurance to cover. It would help if you focused on all the possible areas for financial, material, or even personal injury. After summing up all the potential expenses, a good laity cover should land you at a sum of £ 15,000,000.

Protect you when other people can’t pay

It is the best feature in any good personal liability insurance cover. There are some instances when you need compensation from others for the harm they have brought your way. If they can’t pay you, your liability insurance coverage must be in a position to save the day.

Offer solutions in uncertainty

Some situations are uncertain. A good insurance cover will shed enormous light in cases such as what to do when taking care of other people’s animals and causing damages.

Must be flexible

A good cover should be flexible in line with the needs of the customer. When choosing your liability insurance cover in Germany, choose one that can change because conditions are dynamic.

Cover third party related damages

The insurance cover you settle for should be in a position to protect you in cases where you cause internet damages to a third party. Such damages arise as a result of exchanging electronic data. It should not cost you anything over £5,000,000.


Not all damages are catered for in a personal liability insurance coverage policy. Possible risk in a house you don’t live in or land you don’t use are hardly covered. When looking for an insurance cover for personal liability always have a clear picture of what you want protection against. That way, you will be sure to pick the cover that best suits your needs.

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