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What you need to know to open a car mechanic business

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24th Jan 20 2:10 pm

If you’re planning to excel independently as a car mechanic, understanding all of the nuances is crucial. Starting a business of any kind is stressful, but if it works out, it can be highly rewarding.

With all this in mind, what do you need to know about starting a mechanic business?

Do the maths

Keeping a precise record of all your startup costs is essential. Start by calculating all initial costs together. A rough estimate of the initial costs help evaluate the profitability of the business. Consider ways to raise the initial financial investment. Be creative!

Once the startups costs are calculated, work out how much is needed a year to run the business month by month. This bottom-line figure will keep the business up and running.

When factoring in operating costs ensure including a marketing budget.

Costs will include all utility bills, rent, business rates, health and safety, refuse disposal including hazardous waste costs, consumable parts, etc.


A key aspect of starting a mechanic business if finding a suitble premise. Business listings and a few google searches should find suitable results quickly. Ensure it has customer parking, a reception area, toilets, and a space for lunch. Assess whether it is going to be big enough to house all the equipment.

If applicable, check the terms of the lease, as modify the building in some way or another might need to be approved by the landlord.


Once the premise has been acquired, start sourcing equipment and suitable workwear. Start forging relationships with suppliers, this can lead to better deals and faster delivery.

As some may currently be working as a mechanic, a good set of tools has probably been accumulated. Where you may need to invest, however, is in suitable workwear, specifically work-trousers. As a mechanic, spending many hours on knees and back is daily routine. Therefore an adequate pair of work-trousers is mandatory. The manufacturer engelbert strauss is a industry leader in quality workwear, constantly optimizing materials and ware ability. Exploring the extensive range of high-quality work trousers engelbert strauss has to offer, each mechanic will find their pair.


Marketing efforts should be taken into consideration when composing the budget. Setting aside a substantial budget is recommended, investing parts of the budget in directory business listings. Small businesses are increasingly posting online ads, predominantly on Facebook and Google to receive more traffic/customers.

Running an own business is capital intensive, stertorous and exhausting. However being able to collect first profits is rewarding and gratifying. The previously mentioned topics were a brief introduction into becoming an independent car mechanic.

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