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What do customers look for when purchasing CBD products?

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9th Dec 20 4:43 pm

There is no doubt that CBD is increasing in popularity, but this also means that there are more and more products on the market, and consumers are needing to become increasingly selective about what they buy. We take a look at the different factors that come into play when buying CBD products.


Quality is essential, especially with reports that the market has become saturated with cheap and low-quality products that don’t contain the ingredients they claim to. Any company operating in the CBD space should go the extra mile to ensure that customers feel confident when buying their products.

For example, online CBD marketplaces like mellow store have put measures in place to ensure that their customers are only ever purchasing the highest-quality products. These include careful screening of each listed brand and the requirement for them to provide a lab report for every single product listed. They also have a comprehensive CBD education section so customers can learn before they buy.


There is a fantastic and diverse range of CBD products on the market now with so many different formats. Therefore, it’s more than just a case of comparing between a few bottles of CBD oil – customers have other formats to consider.

CBD oil is probably the most well-known format, and is typically available in a small bottle with a dropper. You take CBD oil sublingually, which means holding the drops underneath your tongue before swallowing to maximise access to your bloodstream.

The CBD beauty market has significantly expanded, providing endless options for any skincare and bodycare addicts out there. Nourishing CBD face creams and body creams are a great place to start, and you can also find CBD serums, cleansers, face masks, exfoliators and more.

You can also get CBD capsules and gummies which are both well-suited for taking CBD on-the-go and offer a quick, easy and discreet format. As well as edibles, many brands have ventured into the CBD drinks space, providing refreshing beverages with a measure of CBD.

With so much choice, customers will need to narrow down to their product type. They will most likely do this by assessing their needs, which brings us neatly onto the next point…


People use CBD for all sorts of reasons, from physical pain to anxiety to issues with sleep. A customer will therefore think about their individual needs and how their requirements can be met when purchasing a product.

CBD products will often advertise a focus – a certain CBD balm, for example, might be aimed at helping with muscular pain while a CBD face cream will aim to provide nourishment and moisture. Determining a focus for the product can be really important when appealing to a specific target audience.


Another closely linked factor that comes into play here is the strength of a particular CBD product. The choice for this will vary depending on how experienced the customer is with CBD and what their specific needs are. For example, someone who has been using CBD for a while and suffers from chronic pain will likely want a fairly strong product, whereas a newcomer will likely want to start with a less potent product.

Those are just some of the factors that customers take into account when choosing a CBD product that’s right for them. Any CBD business should ensure they prioritise quality and really get to know their target audience to ensure success.

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